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Buffalovebirds Date Nights out in Buffalo!

Hi, there! It’s us, Buffalovebirds!  We are just a local engaged couple living in the amazing city of Buffalo, & we are all about keeping those early romance sparks alive! Want to know our secret?! We go to some pretty amazing date spots here in Buffalo, and we’re teaming up with Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings to spread the love!

Living in downtown Buffalo has given us TONS of ideas on different ways we can experience the city and more importantly- spending time together. Here is one idea you can create for a date night- or even sporadically!


HOW IT WORKS: A foodie version of hopping from place to place for appetizers and small plates. (think Bar Hopping- but with food!)

THE PLAN: Choose an area you wish to explore or even return to favorite old spots! (We suggest hitting downtown so you can walk everywhere)

1. Pick out 4-6 stops and map out a plan. 2. At each restaurant, pick out a small plate or an app to share and pair it with your favorite refresher 3. After you have finished, hop on over to the next joint. Challenge yourselves to try something new and different at every eatery. Savor in a paired wine, beer, cocktail, or sparkling drink.

With restaurant hopping, you can try out elegant places on your wish list or concoct a plan to hit up a different place for each course. The possibilities are endless and you will find yourselves flirting and laughing together as if it was back at that first date!

Begin at Tappo on Ellicott Street, where the red colors ignite the evening! Our favorite is the Classic Cured Meats to start off. Grab a table by the garage doors for a city view- or if the weather is nice, steal a rooftop seat.


(Photos courtesy

(Photo courtesy

Walk up Ellicott and make a left on to E. Huron St. One block later, you find yourself at Oshun. Make sure to sit at the Oyster Bar and order up the specials while pairing with a glass of the Le Grand Caillou.


(Photos courtesy BuffaloEats)

After Oshun, take a walk continuing west on E. Huron and turn left to follow Main St. down to The Archer for some Welsh Rarebit to share. This patio will be a beautiful city view come summertime!


Your last stop happens at the Hotel Lafayette! Take Main St. up to Lafayette Square and make a right to the corner of Clinton and Washington. The lighting is perfect in here for your evening! Head in to Bourbon and Butter and make sure to check out the Smoked Pork Belly shared plate and anything your heart desires on their gorgeous artisan drink menu.

(Photo courtesy Step Out Buffalo)


(Photos via Facebook)

Stay right there and head down to Butterwood Sweet & Savory to end your perfect evening with dessert. Stay there and share are take some treats to-go!


(Photo courtesy Carmina Wood Morris)

Whether it be downtown, Elmwood, Allentown, or your neighborhood- app hopping is the perfect unique date night that you can create together. Venture out, try something new, and fall in love all over again!

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