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Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings Member Spotlight: Primrose Path Boutique!


Primrose Path Boutique is the brainchild of Tessa Lowe – a young marketing entrepreneur who promotes an environment of open-minded, sex-positive discussion for all. After recognizing a lack of comfortable and classy sex education in the Queen City, Lowe began PPB in June 2015. Her business aims to educate and enlighten customers, offers a wide range of products, and specializes in bachelorette parties that are unique to WNY.


“Our sex toy parties are different from others in the area because we’re an independent company, which allows us the flexibility to rotate products as we see fit and customize parties specifically based on our clients’ interests. We also really value the educational aspect of what we do. We thrive off sharing knowledge with others and being involved in the promoting dialogue between couples.”


Photos above via Ayres Photography

“We have been fortunate in having the opportunity to work with the most wonderful brides-to-be. There has been such a wide range of individuals that don’t fit within a specific box, and that’s the fun of it. Being involved with different individuals with varied interests, points of view, and groups of friends and family makes it fascinating. As long as clients are open-minded, we’re excited to have the opportunity to work with them. Having a sense of humor and a fun group is of course a huge bonus!”

Tessa prides her parties on being sexy, educational, light-hearted and fun. You’ll learn tips from the pros and get the low-down on popular products, and laugh with your friends over dirty charades, adult mad libs, and ridiculous trivia. And if you’re the bride-to-be, you’ll receive a gift to show off on your honeymoon – free of charge.

Contact Tessa at or 716-324-1662 to book your personalized Primrose Path Boutique party today.

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