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Buffalo Bridal Beauty: Lovely Lips to kiss your Groom!

There is just something about a perfectly executed lip, lined and rich with toned color or a hint of gloss to plump it. Your makeup application is complete and you are ready to go with a fabulous bridal lip! It’s the final icing on the cake!

The bridal lip trends for spring are bright and sweet. I’ll share not only how to get them, but also how to perfectly prep your puckers for the big day!

We all know about exfoliation right? Be sure not to forget to give your lips the TLC that you give the rest of your body. My favorite exfoliant is simple and easy and you may have what you need in your pantry. A combination of coconut oil and granular sugar will do the trick. I recommend doing this before bed to give the little bit of residue that is left to set in and moisturize. This is also something that I would recommend doing twice a week leading up to the big day.

Mix up about a tablespoon of the oil (it will be hard, but once it touches the lips it will soften up) and a tablespoon of the sugar in a small bowl.

Give it a swirl or two with a small lip brush or spoon.

Apply to your lips in a circular motion with the lip brush or fingers.

Work into the lips for a good two minutes or so.

Remove excess with a warm damp washcloth and voila! Your lips are on their way to being kissable and fabulous!

For a deluxe treatment leave a little of the recipe on your lips for the night and remove in the morning.

Not only will this remove any flaky skin, it will taste yummy too! By exfoliating and prepping your lips you are preventing cracked lips, color saturation due to dehydrated skin, and bleeding of lip colors beyond the lines.

Speaking of lip colors bleeding, have you heard about lip foundation? It is my new obsession and I use it on all of my brides. The foundations come in different tones to match your natural lip color and create a super smooth, long lasting base. They also create a great barrier between the lips and skin to prevent any bleeding. This can be applied and left alone or a coating of lipstick over the top for everlasting holding power! My Choice?

Now that you have perfectly exfoliated lips and a lip foundation here are my favorite lips colors and styles for the upcoming wedding season!

The Bouquet Lip

I love the idea of matching your lip color to your bouquet, especially when there are coral and red poppy tones involved. Wowza! I am loving Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks for tones like this. These are a super long lasting lip color with a matte finish, they can always be slicked up with a coat of clear gloss on top.

Something Natural

Well, I recently discovered Makeup Forever’s 50 Shades of Grey Lip Collection. Oh my word! The pencil, a lip stain and a sparkly gloss top coat. I chose the “Innocent Collection” for my Brides to Be, To die for! These pink-beige tones will look fantastic with glowing skin and a champagne toned smokey eye!

I’m All Classic and Fabulous

What can I say about a red lip standing with a diamond white dress? Priceless and timeless. When choosing a red lip be sure to prime and line your lips indefinitely. Red lip colors can be warm with orange undertones, hints of copper and gold or have a pinky magenta undertone. But of course we can’t forget about the amazing bluebased cool toned reds that are simply striking. My go to racey red? Inglot Sleeks Cream #103, long lasting and a hint of shine.

If you are torn between which color to dress your lips with on your wedding day, why not have a few! Starting the day with a soft pink tone and then deepening with a jewel toned berry when you hit the dance floor can change up your look just like that!

Every lip shape and color is unique, mastering your wedding day lip color is personal to you so have fun with it!


Elizabeth Dugan Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

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