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Brush and Blooms Amps Up Wedding Decor

Brush & Blooms specializes in bringing Upstate New York custom signage and decor that represents & reflects everything you’ve wanted for your wedding. Brush & Blooms founder Lexi Gordon started the business after she struggled to find affordable custom decor and signage for her own wedding. Either the colors and fonts didn’t match, the price was too high or the look didn’t feel right. She gets it, you guys. After years of creating beautiful things for friends and family, Lexi’s bringing her creations to you. To Lexi, achieving the aesthetic you’ve wanted is just as important to her.

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, she strives to make sure every detail flows intricately together. When people say, “nobody notices all the little details, so don’t stress about them,” she cringes. She agrees to not stress, but people DO notice little things. In an industry that can be repetitive, what makes Brush & Blooms standout is Lexi’s eye for detail. It’s important to nail these down because they make everything cohesive and POP. Lucky for you, Lexi’s here.

As a small business owner, she goes the extra mile to ensure her clients have incredibly personalized experiences. Most importantly, they don’t feel rushed, ignored or overlooked. Lexi loves to create new things with little details sprinkled all over the place. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a romantic at heart and finds joy every aspect of the wedding journey. You’ll hear it over and over again, but it’s incredibly important to feel close and connected with wedding vendors.

From the rustic stains to the custom letters, everything is customizable because it’s from scratch. You can tell your love story through your decor. The pieces can range from seating charts to guest books and more!

At Brush & Blooms, every client receives a one-hour consultation when they book an appointment. This allows you get to know each other, and Lexi will even treat you to coffee because she’s a sweetheart. First, you’ll explore your dream wedding Pinterest board (I mean, what else is Pinterest for?) and talk about wedding vibes you want for the day. Next, throughout the process of creating the pieces, Brush & Blooms will always touch base with you & your honey by sending progress pictures. The pictures ensure that everything is to your liking and the envision is still intact; it’s a collaborative process, and she wants you to be involved every step of the way.

Feel free to get creative with her! She loves when clients have a unique aesthetic because that always translates through on wedding day. When the vibe matches her creative style magic happens!

Make sure you reach out to Brush & Blooms through their directory listing right here & follow her socials!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to be showcased with our fabulous roster of local pros, learn how right here!

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