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Bridal Wars is Coming to Buffalo June 12th!


Here at Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings we sure do love to shake it up when it comes to wedding inspiration, so when we heard about Bridal Wars needless to say we had to share the news!

Bridal Wars is a fun, field day inspired bridal event where the bride/groom and their parties form teams and play exciting games to win prizes all day! There are so many prizes, like a free honeymoon!? Yeah – it’s going to be a fun day, guys!

Another fun thing about the event is that the teams are required to come up with team names, costumes and crazy outfits! There are even prizes for the best team attire and team name!



You’re probably wondering what kind of “games” is she talking about? Well, there are going to be all sorts of wedding vendors at the show hosting each game, so the game will most likely have something to do with their category. Think karaoke, bag toss, tissue paper wedding dress creations, and even… yep… pushing a limo bus races! Some are active and some are just plain fun. Leave your inhibitions at home, everyone! Just get ready to have some good old fashioned fun!




Register your teams right here before they are all filled up! The event will be taking place at the Adams Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo on June 12th from 11am to 2pm!

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