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Bridal Bobs (or Lobs!)

Blog post presented by Maddie Vilardo, of BohoBliss Designs and intern for Buffalo Indie Weddings. 

Hi everyone! My name is Maddie & I am a Communication Studies major, graduating in May. I spend most of my time designing and making jewelry. I also love to hike, hula-hoop and watch Jeopardy!


I think we can all agree that medium to short length hair is in this spring. Celebrities and girls everywhere are cutting off a few inches, opting for a style that falls just around their shoulders. From bobs to lobs, short hair is in this season and I am loving this fresh look! For those of you that haven’t heard this term before, lob stands for “long bob.” It’s not exactly the short, angled chin length bob; it’s right around shoulder length. Basically, it’s the perfect cut for anyone who wants to freshen up their locks for spring, but not chop off too much. A number of celebrities have been rocking this look recently. Some of my favorites include Lucy Hale and Kim Kardashian (love her or hate her, it was basically breaking news when she cut off her long locks into a chic, tousled lob). Other celebrities have gone for the full blown bob, like Lauren Conrad. If you have always wanted to chic bob or lob, now is the time.

Now, I’m not recommending that you go out and chop off your hair a week before your wedding (bad idea) but if you currently, or always, have had a bob or lob, and you are loving it, there are plenty of ways to style this cut for your wedding day. Brides are always growing out their hair for their wedding, then chopping it off after. However, if your signature hairstyle is short, then rock that on your wedding day! Here are some styles that look amazing…







{Julian Beattie via Bridal Musings}

How do you plan to wear your short hair for your wedding?

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