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Ayres Photo Presents Boothtastic Photo Booth

Ayres Photo brings you Boothtastic, a photo booth perfect for capturing all of the sentimental moments you and your peeps will have during your reception! The Ayres, along with their associate photographers, Michele and Nicole, are a photography team who specialize in emotionally driven images for romantic couples. Storytelling is this team’s passion! Photo booths add another level of entertainment to your reception and Ayres Photo’s Boothtastic is no exception!

For three hours, you could have the best photo booth designed by professional wedding photographers. Boothtastic offers an alternative to the boring table shots, unreliable disposable cameras and missed moments with friends. It was created with simplicity, efficiency and the environment in mind, something we all (including the planet) can appreciate. 

The best part besides having kickass photos? There’s a professional, on-site attendant there to deal with delivery, setup and the cleanup! That’s one less thing to stress about. 

Everything goes by extreme fast at a wedding, you’re not going to regret grabbing your group of friends and posing for a few fun pictures together. Having Boothtastic at your wedding will keep your guests entertained. You won’t have to worry about if everyone is having a good time because they’ll be too busy striking a pose or wrapping feathered boas around them. It’s a nice alternative to give your feet a rest from the dance floor, while still giving you the freedom to move around. HUGE PLUS.

With Ayres Photo’s Boothtastic, there’s no way you’ll forget to take that great shot of all of your college friends together, or a late-night love shot with your boo shot, or a funny face family photo. Weddings are about celebrating your love and creating more memories with your people, who doesn’t want a photo booth at their reception? 

Boothtastic has the best props in town, people! Props bring out a side of people that nothing else seems to be able to unleash your inner child. Sure, it’s fun to make silly faces and give kisses and “smeyes” for the camera. BUT, have you ever had your own personal photo shoot while wrapped in a feather boa and sporting a tiara on your head? Do your guests know just how amazing it is to completely forget their age because they’re wearing a pirate hat and sunglasses that are 5 times bigger than their face? Props have the unique ability to make anyone and everyone (even you’re grandparents!) feel like they’re a kid again. Lucky for you, Boothtastic has a bunch of them!

Another great detail of this booth is that it’s sleek and modern looking. At times, it can be hard to find a photo booth that matches the ambience of the reception and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, this is it! Boothtastic is very clean & classy looking and it’s discreet.

Besides the abundance of props, this booth also comes with various options of backdrops! Stay calm! They’ve got options, people! Because Boothtastic is open-air, the backdrop you choose is actually a great accent to your reception decor! What feel are you going for? Whether clean and simple or glitzy and glamorous, to add that extra pizzazz to your already beautiful surroundings, Boothtastic has it! Or, if you’re creative, create your own usable custom backdrop to fit your theme! If your venue has amazing exposed brick walls or a cool industrial vibe they can use that as a backdrop too! The options are endless and whatever you choose will look perfect, not only behind your guests in the photos but also as a complement to your venue and decor choices!

The photos are printed instantly, giving your guests a momento of the night. Can you honestly think of a better party favor (besides food) for your guests to take home and share on socials? With the Boothtastic technology, you can have both! An image to keep in your photo album and images you can save in your online gallery. 

What takes Boothtastic to the next level are the people behind it, Ayres Photography & Co. care about the people in the photos. They care about capturing those special snapshots, and they want you to live it up with your peeps! 

They’ve been doing this a long time, Western New York, and they believe YOU are what makes your wedding different, and that’s the conversation that they’re trying to change in the wedding industry! We guarantee that you’ll want to stay in touch with them after the wedding is over, that’s the kind of presence they bring! So, let’s start thinking about fun props because Boothtastic is a no brainer. These guys can make your photo booth dreams come true!

Get your photo booth on and make sure you reach out to Ayres Photo through their directory listing right here & follow their socials!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to be showcased with our fabulous roster of local pros, learn how right here!

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