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Alternative Sweet Treats!

Blog post presented by Maddie Vilardo, of BohoBliss Designs and intern for Buffalo Indie Weddings. Hi everyone! My name is Maddie & I am a Communication Studies major, graduating in May. I spend most of my time designing and making jewelry. I also love to hike, hula-hoop and watch Jeopardy!


Let’s talk about desserts! Maybe it’s because it’s around noon and I’m ready for lunch, but I can’t stop thinking about sweet treats! Currently craving: tiramisu. This got me thinking of alternative desserts to serve at your wedding. Yes, you can go with the traditional wedding cake, but there are many other options depending on the style of your wedding!

These strawberry shortcake jars are just too cute!

I love this idea for an outdoor, summer wedding. It is light & refreshing!

We’ve all seen candy bars, but what about this amazing cookie bar?! This adds such a fun and playful element to a reception!

If you like the idea of homemade cookies at your reception, but you don’t want to do the bar, another great option is cookie and milk appetizers. Save these for after dinner, when your guests have been dancing and could use a yummy snack to refuel!

I love these cake pops, made in Buffalo! These are a great option because you can still have cake, but it is much easier for your guests to eat while they keep partying!! You can even have a small cake to cut in front of your guests, then provide these adorable cake pops.

Loving this colorful & fun donut display!

When it comes to dessert, don’t be afraid to try something a little different! Pick your favorite dessert and get creative! Who can say no to any of the desserts above?!

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