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Alchemy Wine & Beer Introduces The Bubble Bar

The owners behind one of Buffalo’s staples, Alchemy Wine & Beer, is introducing The Bubble Bar. a retro-fitted mobile wine & beer service. The Bubble Bar is cute, compact and perfect for any wedding or event in Western New York.

Meet Melinda

We love vendors with personalities and Anne and Nicole definitely have them! They named The Bubble Bar Melinda, and brought her to Buffalo all the way from Omaha, NB! You see, Melinda had a completely different life before the girls converted her into a mobile bar. Once upon a time, she was a prize horse trailer for a champion racer.

After that, owners transformed her into a mobile flower shop. Which by the way, sounds cute AF! When the flower shop gig was up, the ladies behind Alchemy Wine & Beer purchased The Bubble Bar and gave her a brand new life. They outfitted her with a kegerator, some neon signs, and a few taps to make her Buffalo’s first mobile sparkling wine bar. Melinda’s equipped with Prosecco, Rose, Moscato and beer all on draft.

To make wedding festivities even more fun, they even provide a bubble machine that runs the entirety of the event, making it the perfect accessory for the gram!

How it all started

Alchemy started out as an idea between Anne and Nicole in the backyard of a New Orleans Wine Bar, where all great ideas are born. Anyone that spends time there knows what the duo is all about: affordable, delicious wines, beers and ciders. To make the deal even sweeter, families make the alcohol and care about the quality of the product.

Alchemy is stocked with over 75 wines and 50 beers for patrons to choose from to take home. The possibilities are endless. The girls are dedicated to giving people the best time because they know from experience how rewarding it is to have people love their small business. Because they do! Alchemy is cute, chic and has the best drinks in Buffalo. Why not bring a piece of them to your private event?

Reach out

Reach out to these lovely ladies through their directory listing and get to planning your event!

If you’re a creative pro that wants to take your side hustle to the next level, let’s start!

Special thanks to Moonshine Studio of Photography and Kaitlyn Frank Photography for some of the photos!

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