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Add A DIY Element To Your Wedding with Buffalo Collective!

Due to the increase in modern marriage celebrations, some of the most creative local businesses have emerged to serve and inspire! One thing we always love seeing in weddings are the DIY elements because they are usually sentimental and creative! There’s really no better way for the indie-spirited bride or groom to make their wedding their own than by creating something from their own hands! The Buffalo Collective is a perfect example of a local business who created a space for couples to have this very opportunity! You can even have them come to your special event and get everyone in on the DIY fun! If you’ve been to our bridal events then you’re familiar with how much fun it is to get crafty for your big day!  Head over to the Buffalo Collective’s listing on the website to reach out to them and see how you can get them involved with your big day!

Are you a creative wedding vendor that is looking for some more exposure?! Join our team! Learn more right here!

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