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4 Reasons Why Dessert Tables are a Must Have at Your Wedding!

If there’s one thing I know, it’s dessert tables. And as Owner and Creative Director at B Sweet Designs, I can tell you dessert tables are always a winner at weddings…. they really “take the cake” if you will. 😉 But for real, dessert tables are a great idea if you’re looking to offer your guests a variety of desserts, custom designed to coordinate with your color palette and theme. And when done right, they can be pretty darn unforgettable!

But there’s more that goes into executing a dessert table than what meets the eye. From the overall design to the execution day of, every last detail needs to be taken into consideration. Here’s a few things to think about when considering a dessert table for your wedding, and whether or not you should hire a professional or DIY.


A well-executed dessert table is much more than just setting dessert out on a platter. There should be a cohesive design, and I find it best to pull from the theme and/or color palette of the wedding. This helps tie the entire dessert table into the overall design of the big day. But in order to achieve this, it really comes down to the details. To obtain a beautiful aesthetic across the entire dessert table, each dessert item must be able to stand on its own. I like to push the envelope and add some special little touches that really take the dessert to the next level…think edible glitter doughnuts or sugar flowers on cupcakes wrapped in delicate, scalloped wrappers…. the possibilities are endless!


What you display your dessert on matters just as much as what your dessert looks like. It’s important to have a variety of display items that are not only beautiful on their own, but are neutral enough to let the gorgeous dessert items do the talking. Size and shape matter here. You’ll be surprised at how many different pieces you’ll need to not only achieve the right look, but to display all the dessert you’ll have to feed your guests! I usually mix in a lot of high-end pieces with some classic antiques to create an elegant look that can stand the test of time.


There are several things to consider here, first being “Can I afford to have a dessert table at my wedding?”, and second being “How much more (or less) is it to hire a professional vs. DIY?” Well, let’s take a look!

As you can see, if you DIY your dessert table, it could end up costing you twice as much as hiring a professional. Also, think about whether you have the time to not only set up and clean up your dessert table, but also design and order all the dessert, candy and detailed final touches.


The first question you should be asking yourself is “Who is going to set up this dessert table?”, and more importantly, “Who is going to clean it up at the end of the night?” Chances are you and your bridal party, including your parents, will be inundated with last minute details right before the wedding. And I’m willing to bet no one is going to want to volunteer to clean it up after a night of celebrating.

So why create one more thing to worry about? From my experience, it’s so worth it to bring in a professional. Let us do the dirty work so you can relax, sip champagne and enjoy your special day…after all, that’s what we’re here for!

Xoxo, Marisa

Marisa Battaglia is the Owner and Creative Director at B Sweet Designs. You can contact her by phone at 716-445-6044 or by email at for a free consultation. Visit for more info.

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