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Wedding Day Lashes: Falsies or Extensions?

Our topic for July’s Indie Edit newsletter club is health and beauty! One of the topics we discussed with our beauty pros was wedding day lashes. I, personally, have never had lash extensions, but I have worn falsies before. They DEF make a difference for your overall look and really help your eyes pop in photos. To help describe the differences, Lexie from the Beauty Haus Collective shares her know-how on wedding day lashes! Photos above by Seventh Arrow Studio of Photography

Wedding Day Lash Extensions

There are 3 different types of eyelash extensions.

  1. Classic, which looks the most natural

  2. Hybrid, which is a combination of the two

  3. Volume, the most dramatic.

Classic style lashes are done by applying 1 eyelash extension to 1 natural eyelash.  Volume extensions are 4-12 thinner extensions fanned out, and then placed on one single lash. This fills in the spaces more, creating a much fuller look. Hybrid is a perfect 50/50 mix between classic and volume, so it’s a great in between option for someone who wants a little fuller than classic, but not as dramatic as volume.

I would recommend doing either Hybrid or Volume lashes for your wedding day lashes, just for picture sake! Your eyes will pop much much more. I would also recommend coming in the week of for a fresh fill or for a full set so that they are nice and full for the big day! You’re able to still wear makeup and get them wet. They last about 2-3 weeks before you need to come in and get a “fill”. Your lash extensions will shed with the growth of your natural lash cycle. So when you come in for a fill, we’re basically touching you up and filling in what you’ve lost or removing outgrown ones to make your lashes nice and full again!

False Wedding Day Lashes

Personally, I like the way falsies look better with makeup. Although with extensions you don’t have to worry about them falling off. I have my lash extensions done and they look VERY full when I’m not wearing makeup. However, oddly enough, when I am wearing makeup I feel like my lashes don’t pop as much. With a strip lash you get a little more definition and different densities. 

Photos by

There is also a drastic price difference, with most extensions costing at least $150 for a full application. After which you can expect to pay an average of $55 for fill-ins. False eyelashes are readily available at most beauty stores and even drug stores, and won’t cost you much to have your stylist add them on for the day. It seems like more of a lifestyle question than one just for the big day – so which works best for you?

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