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Unique Engagement Rings

The Holidays have passed and our social media feeds were filled with beautiful engagement rings. But another romantic holiday is right around the corner: Valentine’s Day! Maybe you’ll be asked the big question or maybe you just want to swoon over some gorgeous rings. Take a lot at a few unique rings we are currently crushing on…

Top left: Natural Pale-Green Rose Cut Diamond Ring with Pave Halo

Top right: Natural Rose Cut Black Diamond Ring

Bottom: Custom Natural Rose Cut Silver-White Diamond Ring

All by Alexis Russell

Alexis Russell is a local designer. Her pieces have such a beautiful, organic look.

You can read more about here and view her pieces here.

Satomi Kawakita Rosecut Solitaire Ring from Catbird

Blanca Monros Gomez Aura Ring from Catbird

If you’re looking for a simple, delicate ring, you can’t go wrong with one of these beauties from Catbird.

Left: Heiress Ring

Right: Rhapsody Ring

Both by Heidi Gibson

The Art Deco Tilly Ring by The One I Love

Top: Turquoise and Diamond Navette Ring

Bottom: Ella Diamond Ring

Both from The One I Love NYC

Left: 18K Antique Art Deco Filigree Ring from Ageless Heirlooms

Right: 18K Antique Art Deco Ring from Ageless Heirlooms

Which one of these unique antique sparklers would you wear?

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