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Top 5 Questions: Wedding Venue Edition

Venue selection is SO important to your wedding planning process!! It sets the tone for the wedding itself and also can influence or even dictate some of your other vendor selections. How do you know which one will be the right one? What questions should you ask your prospective venues when visiting? The list can be long....but let's start with the below:

1. Do you have my date available? If not, what are the closest available dates?

This one may seem obvious, but unless your date has sentimental value, it's a good idea to understand what other dates/dates are available in your month. Snagging a Friday or Sunday may end up saving you $$$$ since many venues charge less for these days, so make sure you understand all of your options.

2. How many people can you accomodate?

Make sure you know how many people your venue can actually accommodate and build your wedding around it. Pro Tip: Strategically choose a more intimate venue if you don't want your well intentioned mom to take over your guest list with third and fourth cousins..... (ahem, not at all speaking from experience)

3. What is the rental fee and what is included?

Get all the details on this and be sure to compare and contrast between each venue you visit. Tables? Linens? Decor? Day of Event Coordinator? Look at that fine print and dig into this one so you are not hit with unexpected fees later on.

4. Is the venue available for our rehearsal? How much time is allocated and is there an additional fee?

Don't assume that your venue is open the day before for the rehearsal and don't assume it's included. If you have a large wedding party, you might need more time than the venue provides. Get all these pre-wedding details in place so that you aren't scrambling wedding week.

5. Do you have a "preferred vendor" list?

This is a big one. Some venues are very specific on who they will work with and some have less restrictions. Get clear on who and who you cannot bring in before you get too far into the planning process.

Not sure which venue to check out first? Click here to see all our favorite local venues!

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