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Timeless and Romantic; Horse Drawn Carriages with Banner Farms

If you’ve been to Hotel Henry this holiday season you may have noticed a beautiful horse drawn carriage galloping through the grounds of the Richardson Complex! That horse was most likely Bonnie, the beautiful Clydesdale belonging to Banner Farms! Owners Johnny and Erika began offering carriage rides to share their love for horses. When the horses aren’t frolicing around their farm, loving life, they get to make new friends and mingle in the streets of the city! Yes – they LOVE sightseeing around town! You can come see for yourself at the Engagement Party at La Galleria on January 23rd from 6-8PM! Come learn more about this unique service, and even pose for a selfie with Bonnie! Make sure you stop by the Banner Farm booth and grab a treat for her first! You can utilize Banner Farms services for a romantic arrival to your wedding, an experience for your guests, as well as traditional Indian baraat ceremonies!

Learn more about Banner Farms and their beautiful horses on our directory here! Make sure you reserve your tickets for the upcoming events where you can meet them and see the horses up close and personal here!

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