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The Travel Team Tips for Honeymoon Planning

A bride looks out over her balcony at the ocean in her wedding dress for her Travel Team honeymoon

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The Travel Team in Buffalo, NY are the go-to gurus for honeymoon planning, especially during a COVID-19 world. There are many benefits to hiring a travel agency before a big trip such as your honeymoon! The most obvious one is letting someone else handle the stress of planning and creating an itinerary, that’s what professionals are for, right?

The team are vacation experts that take the stress and research out of honeymoon planning so couples can focus on wedding planning. Whether it’s a destination wedding, intimate weekend getaway or a romantic paradise escape, the team ensures anything is possible and nothing is out of the ordinary.

A couple embraces in a green field filled with purple little flowers for their Travel Team destination wedding

Hiring The Travel Team ensures you have more time to feel relaxed and enjoy the moment. | Photo cred NSP Studio

Trust the Travel Experts

Traveling looks a lot different the last two years than it ever has before. As advisors, they can help you navigate through travel restrictions and the various requirements depending on location. Every state and country has different precautions and restrictions in place. It has never been more important to work with a travel advisor.

The Travel Team works to advocate for all of their clients, especially last year. They handled all of the red tape and endless correspondence for couples who had to cancel their travel plans or couldn’t travel. They helped secure refunds, rebook vacations, and helped plan more local trips in the meantime. It’s one of those moments when you can be grateful that someone else is handling the mess.

In addition, The Travel Team makes honeymoon planning easy by breaking everything down for you, making traveling as smooth as possible. Cocktail on the plane, anyone?

Couple on a mountain top surrounded by greenery

Experienced travel advisors like Nicole know all of the hidden places to go visit. | Photo cred: Lydia Maybee

Photo cred: Lydia Maybee

Passion for Wanderlust

Growing up, travel advisor Nicole Steger was always intrigued with traveling and seeing the world. She started her journey in hospitality and eventually transitioned to travel and tourism. Nicole is amazing at what she does and knows all of the spots to go hit. Looking for Instagrammable spots? She’s got your back. One adventure after another? She has a bunch of heartstopping suggestions. Want to relax? She has a list of serene places. THIS IS WHAT SHE DOES! Her connections give couples the option of various vacation packages.

Nicole and the team have connections all over the world, offering exclusive access to specialized services and luxury amenities. Their partnerships with different companies provide them with knowledge and awareness of unique and new places domestic and international.

For Nicole, it’s rewarding to help people plan for a vacation and make the most out of it. This is so nice to hear because there’s no worry about being gauged in prices and cheated out of the experience. Upon arrival back, Nicole regularly hears back from her couples and how they had the best time ever. The Travel Team is a private company that truly provides exceptional customer service and wants to help with every aspect of a vacation. They answer every question and if they don’t know it, they find the answer.

Personalized and Boutique Services

The experts stay up to date with ongoing industry training and firsthand experiences in different destinations. Travel is always experiencing a trend. For instance, sustainable travel and tourism where people want to leave less of a footprint or environmental impact is an important trend. Many travelers are looking to give back to local communities when they travel while learning about other cultures.

The training allows them to offer their customers the best vacation options. When a couple books a consultation with Nicole, they receive specialized services in planning their vacation. Nicole and everyone at The Travel Team works hard to get to know their clients. From there, they provide an enjoyable honeymoon planning process. Every couple is unique and every honeymoon should fit that couple’s individual interest and taste.

A honeymoon may be the first big vacation a couple takes together and The Travel Team can help make it such a simple and perfectly blended trip that combines two personalities and the best of both individuals.  Anyone who loves to travel deserves to have a good time!

Photo cred: Pixabay

Nicole’s Tips:

Timeline: The best time to plan is 8-12 months prior for the best availability and pricing, this will give you time as a couple to decide where, make payments, offer a honeymoon registry at your bridal shower, and decide on the fabulous excursions you want to do while in the destination.

Budget/Savings Plan: Of course, you will have a budget on what you can spend, but you can certainly make a savings timeline for yourself. I recommend having $1200 to $1500 down for deposit which will often be sufficient to secure flights and hotel.  Take the balance of your trip and divide that out by the number of months to final payment and you can make a monthly payment towards the balance.

Honeymoon Excursions: Excursions are going to be some of the most fun and memorable moments of the honeymoon.  I will always recommend which ones book quickly so you reserve them ahead and not miss out!

Registry/Honeyfunds. We also offer complimentary bridal honeymoon registry cards that you can include in your bridal shower invites.  It is a great gift option for friends and family to choose from!

A couple kayaks on the ocean at sunset on their honeymoon. The Travel Team plans excursions for newlyweds.

Photo cred: Sebastian Voortman

Reach out to The Travel Team through their directory listing!

If you’re a creative pro ready to take your business to the next level, let’s get started!

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