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Sue Egan Photography Nails Rochester Weddings

Sue Egan Photography is nailing Rochester weddings. With decades of experience, Sue Egan Photography knows many in the Upstate region. Her photos stand out for their vibrant colors, sweet angles and stunning locations. Sue’s ability to snap Rochester weddings and turn them into an adventure is unlike others. She knows how to use locations as backdrops to showcase her couples, and that’s a skill that takes time to master. Sue Egan Photography outdoes Rochester weddings every time and wants to explore new locations around the Finger Lakes this year!

After working in corporate and digital technology at Kodak for over eight years, Sue finally allowed herself to pursue the artistic and customer relations career she always wanted; she created Sue Egan Photography. For this Rochester vendor, creating memories for couples and families brings her the greatest joy and fulfillment. The best part is that she found her niche photographing Rochester weddings and strives to give couples the best of her, adding to the talented community.

As a small and locally owned photography business, Sue loves to give specialized and personal attention to her couples. When couples meet with her, they feel like they get to know her as they explore the best Rochester and surrounding areas have to offer, together. Having moved to the 585 over 20 years ago, Sue knows all the best spots and shares a deep love for the city, which seeps through her work.

Egan knows how to anticipate the feelings and gestures of people and composes her lighting accordingly, all in a split second. There aren’t any do-overs in weddings. A photographer needs to on their A-game all day, and Sue’s always on. Sue’s style helps viewers feel like they’re back in that moment. She knows how to participate in a wedding without feeling intimidated. More importantly, Sue knows how to participate without intruding. Sue’s heard from many wedding guests and couples how surprised they are to see her working so thoughtfully and intentionally for the entire eight hours or more, but that she was never in the way. Now, that’s what a seasoned professional brings to the table!

Sue loves nature and offers natural wood products, prints, glass keepsake boxes and earth-friendly albums. She wants couples to receive a wedding album that she designs and have something to hold on to and enjoy. A wedding album is a great idea because people continuously say “one day” they’ll organize their photos and never get around to it. When that happens, all of those beautiful wedding photos stay hidden on a computer. Sue Egan Photography provides that service, giving you an heirloom to save.

This photog’s also killing it because her services always include the engagement session.  She wants people to have that time to enjoy and remember the proposal while taking a break away from all the planning. This time helps couples feel comfortable in front of a camera, too. This is important to get the photos you want; you have to feel comfortable in front of a camera. Nothing is worse than awkward pictures on your wedding day because you’re not feeling your best in front of the lens.

The energy Sue brings to shoots is insane! She’s a shining light of positivity, always smiling and willing to try new things! The Roc photog loves meeting new people and feeling the excitement they have for their weddings. Her personality helps to ease couples and bring out their softer, happier sides. Sue makes couples comfortable and share their authentic selves. You guys, she gives you the freedom to do what you want and limits her portrait time!

Sue Egan Photography is killing it with her photo editing of Rochester weddings, too! Like many photographers, Sue uses many monotone filters that match current aesthetics. Monotone filters are also a hit with couples! Sue also uses the sun and light to create a glow and show movement in her photographs. She’s able to shoot from creative angles, channeling a whimsical aesthetic unique to her.

With her decades of experience, she’s able to offer insider knowledge to her clients. She explains to them that once they’ve chosen vendors, and have design & dress ideas, to relax.  She also says it’s important to let each professional vendor do what they do best, and lead the way so that couples can enjoy the days leading up to their wedding. Egan also suggests to stop and look at their reception together and enjoy each other. Rest assured that she’s doing everything to capture the memories of the day.

Photography is this vendor’s passion. Every shot is from the heart, so her photos tend to have a humanistic and emotional quality. Because it’s a solo venture, it makes her work harder, knowing she has to count on herself or everything. Her technical skills have improved over the years, and her equipment gets upgraded now and then, she’s always open to trying new things; just ask!

Reach out to Sue through her directory here & follow her socials for her amazing work!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to join our phenomenal roster of local pros, learn how right here!

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