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Spotlight: Canalside Caricatures Entertains at Wedding Receptions

Canalside Caricatures entertains at wedding receptions and has been for over two decades. These span from weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Bill Gallagher is an award-winning caricature artist, as is most of his team, that wants to give you the best event of your life. Forget about going traditional, Bill and his team are here to DRAW YOU UP!

With over 20 years in the business, these guys have perfected the art of the caricature. Each talented artist on the team can draw around 20-25 black and white caricatures per hour, taking only minutes to complete. If you’re not getting your portrait drawn, you’re going to want this process! It gives almost every guest time to get one! Each paper is custom-designed with a unique footer for every event along with a signature.

They know how stressful weddings are and everything in between. Canalside Caricatures entertains at wedding receptions on a different level than the rest. For larger parties, they provide multiple local pros to ensure your facial features get exaggerated by the best! At the end of the night, your guests have the option to sign the matting surrounding your caricature. We suggest framing it so you can have a keepsake from your big day. Digital caricatures are also recommended for larger parties. Digital caricature entertainment includes a 40 inch HD display and a custom logo layout, 4×6 prints and a digital copy.

Drawing live caricatures at weddings is what Bill and his team live for. They love what they do and it shows! Nobody has to ask if they do because their beaming faces already let you know. They pride themselves on getting to know their guests and enjoying their special day with them.

Canalside Caricatures wants you to have fun at your wedding and reception. What better way than with a caricature?

Make sure you reach out to Canalside Caricatures through their directory listing right here & follow their socials!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to be showcased with our fabulous roster of local pros, learn how right here!

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