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Shared Treasures Wedding Rentals

Get to know Shared Treasures wedding rentals owners Rachael and Eric! Shared Treasures wedding rentals is a brand new rental company is passionate about the stories their rental items stories. Husband and wife team started the business in 2020 (yes, during a pandemic!) They believe in the importance in providing personal services for WNY couples. “Being a small business and local couple who live in Buffalo, NY we understand how importance of this community. Eric and I are overjoyed to be a part of it.” 

Copper wedding arbor from Shared Rentals

The Story Behind Shared Treasures Wedding Rentals

My passion has always centered around helping others. As a licensed Social Worker, I am so passionate about helping people. More specifically, those who face oppression specific to “larger” body size and live with Eating Disorders. These can often go undiagnosed due their body size. I also provide counseling in communities and homes for the chronically mentally ill.

While studying, my world was rocked when my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Peritoneal cancer. After fighting for for 2.5 years, she sadly passed away. My mom was my best friend and someone I immensely looked up to. She spent a lot of her time doing her own interior decorating projects or sewing her own clothes. Trust me when I say she was classy, chic and so stylish! After her passing I found myself connected to interior decorating in my home. Pus, it complimented my love for shopping which she and I shared! It remains an outlet for my grief by allowing me to be connected to her in spirit. My husband Eric has been my rock through it all.

When my husband and I started planning our wedding I didn’t feel excited about it. I was living with the strong expectations of others. Moreover, I wished my mom was by my side to navigate it all. Being forced to reschedule our wedding due to Covid was actually a blessing! Shifting to an intimate ceremony in Lake George at a beautiful Airbnb was truly everything I dreamt. Throughout the planning experience was when I connected starting the rental business.

Rachael and Eric: Sharing a Life and a Business

Today I am happily living my dreams as a Social Worker and now business owner in the wedding industry. Eric and I share our home with our fur babies: Ronnie, Stewart & Samson. He and I met while he worked as a substitute teacher in Buffalo Public Schools. Despite loving his job, he loves working with his hands and being active. His current job working on garage doors provides him with that. It was the perfect segue into our joint business, Shared Treasures wedding rentals. I provide the vision and Eric brings it to life!  When we aren’t working, you can find us outside gardening, playing with our pup or exploring Buffalo on Eric’s Onewheel.

Shared Treasures spends a significant amount of time researching, “treasure” hunting and refurbishing rental items to provide our clients with beautiful yet “historic” pieces. Our rentals mostly consist of vintage reusable items. Each piece has its own story before it made its way to Shared Treasures wedding rentals. We value its past story while bringing it “back to life” and making it apart of someone else’s love story. Our furniture and decor range in styles from vintage, rustic, and bohemian. We are constantly looking to provide our couples with different rental options that are outside the more “traditional” wedding style. Our goal is for each couple to find rental options/styles that speak to their personality, their culture and love story.

One-of-a-Kind Shared Treasures Experience

Our clients can view our rentals on our Instagram page and on our website. They then will create a Wishlist after deciding on their “must have” items on our website. Once we receive their Wishlist our personal contact/connection begins. This provides us an opportunity to connect with the client/couple. We personally set up each rental item for their event to ensure it looks exactly as they hoped. We offer the option to customize certain items such as arches/arbors and tables as well! Our goal is that our client can “shop” for our rental items similar to how they would anything online but have the option to connect with us further if they wish.

Shared Treasures wedding rentals services the western New York through to the Fingerlakes regions. You will find our decor ranges in style from a boho chic, vintage & rustic. We believe in the importance of reusing & restoring items, and bringing them back to life. Anything from something that may be hidden in your grandparents attic to on the side of the road. Our items have history and a story to tell just like each of us.

Reach out directly to us in our directory listing, and make sure you’re following us on the socials to see our most up to date products!

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