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Say Hello to the Indie Weddings Team!

Here is the Indie Weddings team! Buffalo and Rochester Indie Weddings is officially 7 years old! It’s been such a fun adventure growing with this business. I’ve met so many incredible business owners and I’ve been lucky enough to befriend so many of them. Now, I’m excited to announce the team to the entire world! We are only a team of three, but we are many more as a collaborative of the most unique and specialized local wedding vendors in WNY. Through our curated directory, inspiring blog, social media feeds and exciting events, we connect creative couples to the best wedding professionals. We redefine wedding traditions and transform your wedding planning experience.

These photos from Moonshine Studio of Photography are a perfect reflection of our daily life at work. I mean, duh. We frequently prep for events in a mess of event supplies, huddle on the floor and gab like at sleepovers, and constantly pop the champagne. The custom branded cookies weren’t a thing, but they may need to become a thing! 😘 Thanks, Fairy Cakes Cupcakery! For real, though, the spirit of celebration needed to be present in this branding session. Why? Because everything we do is a party!

#WorkParty Everyday

We’ve changed the environment of the traditional bridal shows to an exciting celebration as opposed to an awkward, tacky trade show. Finally, wedding planning is fun! Individuality is highly encouraged, but really, we fucking promote it. Our bridal shows are personal, intimate and creative because you’re getting married and YOMO (or twice… or more… but hell, we’ll be here for each one.) You and all your besties are invited to meet our makers and shakers at the greatest wedding parties in WNY!

We define “Indie” as any business or entrepreneur that is specialized, local and innovative. They bridge old-fashioned traditions with forward thinking inspiration. A small business owner that invests their time in each client. A maker who showcases their engaging and creative process as it unfolds. Someone who is a forward thinker in their field – be it handmade novelty goods or necessary wedding services – our Indie business owners treat each client as a person and not a job.

Become a member!

Like the services you provide to your clients – we give you all of us here at Buf + Roc Indie Weddings. It’s all about the personal touches, the high-end services and one-of-a-kind treatment because we believe in that too – so that’s what you get! As a member of Indie Weddings, you will be supported and encouraged to raise your own bar. Your marketing efforts are amplified and we highlight all that makes you special so that our engaged couples can trust in their booking decisions. 

Here at Indie Weddings we are not a marketing agency or a branding or communications company. Rather, we are a collective of local wedding vendors that utilizes our ever-growing platforms and events to match you with the engaged couples who are seeking unique talent like yours. Think of us as wedding matchmakers. You do what you do (which is being a rockstar), and we’ll be your biggest groupies to show you off and facilitate introductions via our directory, social media feeds and events!

Meet the Team

First up let’s meet Greta! Greta is getting her masters in marketing and communications from Nazareth college. A Rochester native, she now calls Buffalo home since buying her first home with her fiance and pup! Greta grew up dancing and loves to keep up with it by taking barre classes and going to the gym. Her wedding is this July, and we’re SO excited to celebrate her love! Greta has a full time gig in marketing, so on the side she is our Pinterest strategist and assistant event coordinator!

Next is Ashley! Also a Rochester native, this bi-lingual babe is finishing her masters in journalism and loves all things love related! If she could, she would start her own  magazine about dating and relationships. Ashley is the face behind the twitter account, handles most of our blogging and the Indie Edit. You’ll also see her hustling at our bridal shows! She brings so much fun and humor to the team, and with that hair… I mean… come on! In addition to working with us, Ashley is a freelance writer (you may remember her from such publications like WNY Weddings!)

Last up is me! I’m Ali! My roots in the bridal industry are deeply planted in fashion design. My first business led me to my then partner, Erica, a wedding photographer, and together we created this brand. When I’m not designing wedding dresses, I’m building up this community! That’s the one thing I’ve learned about myself more than anything along my path to entrepreneurship: I am driven by the success of those around me. I have become so passionate about bringing other businesses together to thrive off of each other. And, most importantly, inspiring the creative couples around here to do whatever the f*ck they want for their weddings.

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