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Rochester Wedding Stationery: Louelle Design Studio

“We are so lucky to be working with couples who have such amazing individual style.”

– Andrea & Ashley Durfee of Louelle Design Studio

“From the Berkshires to an old bank vault, the aesthetic and vibe of each event has been truly unique. It is impossible for us to say which we are most excited about! We love having the opportunity to think outside the box and create an invitation suite that reflects their event vision. Starting from scratch and collaborating with our clients means that each project is new and exciting.”

“The most rewarding part of our job is being able to create a full sensory experience for our clients and their guests. We do this by incorporating the right visuals, textures, and even scents. It is so gratifying to know that we nailed it and created a piece that amped up anticipation for the event. Hearing back from our clients that their guests would not return the RSVP because it was too beautiful all together is a pretty amazing feeling.”

When we asked about how their company began, they replied: “Pure insanity and few glasses of wine! Creating has always been a passion for both of us, Ashley with design and Andrea with watercolor and printmaking. This came together in our first joint venture to create Andrea and her husband Nate’s wedding invitations. From there it took off and we are about to officially celebrated our one year anniversary as Louelle Design Studio! Woot woot!”

“Working side by side with your sister-friend is like a sitcom sometimes. We have the unique experience of not only being friends, but family, and on top of this, working out of one of our homes. This is the recipe for a pretty ridiculous and amazingly fun work environment. Just trying to pick a unique experience to share we have been goofing off and laughing until our stomachs hurt. So that is a peak into daily life in the Louelle studio! We are so happy to be a part of Buffalo Indie Weddings and cannot wait to meet and work with more unique fabulous couples!”

Louelle Design Studio

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