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Rochester Indie Weddings Fashion Show with Lovely Bride and Special Occasion Hair Design!

If you missed the amazing fashion show at our first Rochester Indie Weddings Bridal Show at Westminster last month here is the line up! Rue de Siene, Anna Campbell, Watters, Hayley Paige and so many more fabulous, indie wedding dress designers were on display at the show. These dresses are totally unique and only available only at Lovely Bride, Rochester! Hair and make up by Special Occasion Hair Design. Photos by North Glow Photography.

DSC_1998 copy
DSC_2007 copy
DSC_2013 copy
DSC_2020 copy
DSC_2026 copy
DSC_2031 copy
DSC_2054 copy
DSC_2064 copy
DSC_2080 copy
DSC_2091 copy
DSC_2096 copy
DSC_2117 copy
DSC_2135 copy
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