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Rethink Your Covid Men’s Wedding Attire by Bureau

Jacquelyn DiPuccio – Upstate Indie Weddings

Meet our guest blogger and Upstate Indie member, Jon, co-owner of BUREAU, a made to measure suiting and shirting company! Read on as he shares his input and experience as a professional tailor with us! This week’s topic: How to rethink COVID men’s wedding attire!

Some dead white guy once said, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” I’m not entirely sure what mice plan for or why it’s even relevant to wrap rodents into this conversation. The fact is that no matter how hard you work at planning something, there’s always a chance that it won’t work out as planned. Case and point: 2020

2020 will go down in the books as one of the wildest years in the modern era. We started the year off with fires raging throughout Australia, followed by a brief fear of WWIII with Iran, and then Kobe died. When the pandemic hit, it unexpectedly changed the course of our trajectory. Everyone suffered through months of boredom, anxiety, separation, depression, annoying Zoom calls and unexplainable shortages of toilet paper. We covered our faces and kept apart from our friends and families. Everyone ordered in takeout. And then, we all watched Tiger King. We celebrated our frontline workers, marched in the streets for justice and equality. 2020 is craaaaazy, and it isn’t close to being over.

The 2020 experience is like playing naked Twister over broken glass and hot coals at a family reunion. It’s not fun; it’s painful and frankly, the thought of it makes you want to barf, but you’re enduring it. Bright spots, things you’ve looked forward to in your calendar, also took a hit. 2020: “The year I planned a wedding.” If you’re anything like the countless other people with wedding plans for 2020, you’ve had to pivot, change or scrap almost every plan. Maybe the venue changed from the big event space for a public park; Perhaps you trimmed the fat of the guest list; Hey! There’s a possibility after months of being on lockdown, you’re not even engaged anymore. In that case, then you can stop reading this because, what’s the point anymore? Something about the best laid plans of mice and men or whatever.

For the last seven years, Bureau helped grooms put together wedding day looks that showcase their personalities, match the venues and are also interchangeable to every day lives. Though the wedding landscape has changed slightly in 2020, it doesn’t mean the attire suffers. Let’s break down some looks that’ll rethink your COVID men’s wedding attire!

Anomaly Photography – Upstate Indie Weddings

Tried and True

You can never go wrong with a navy or grey three-piece suit. The classic, timeless look of a well-tailored jacket, vest and trouser paired with a crisp, clean white shirt and proper shoes work in any and every environment. The three-piece look shifts seamlessly from being appropriate for a formal to a casual event.

Jacquelyn DiPuccio – Upstate Indie Weddings

Megan Dailor Photography- Upstate Indie Weddings

Let’s Frolic Together – Upstate Indie Weddings

Add Some Color

If a backyard wedding feels too relaxed for a classic toned suit, reach for a more interesting color. Deep shades of forest green, rich burgundy and dark plum tones make for great suit alternatives to classic navy blues and greys, especially for a more casual environment. Green, burgundy and plum all add a POP of unexpected color to a wedding suit without sacrificing formality.

Jacquelyn DiPuccio – Upstate Indie Weddings

Bruno Rosa Photography- Upstate Indie Weddings

Jacquelyn DiPuccio – Upstate Indie Weddings

Lighten Up

The cotton suit is a lightweight, warm-weather alternative to the more traditional, less breathable wool. The cotton suit strikes up mental images of the suave, Italian guy sipping espresso outside at a bistro table. When I say Italian guy, I mean Florence, not Jersey City (fuggedaboutit! Go Yankees!) If you’re looking for a great way to stay stylish and relaxed, the cotton suit is the move.

If there is one thing that 2020 taught you, it’s that you are adaptable! You changed the way you work, the way you live and the way you think. And yea… you changed some aspects of your wedding. However, regardless of how big of a whirlwind, clusterfuck, shitstorm 2020 is, you’re still marrying your best friend. And that’s pretty damn awesome. Take the advice and think over your wedding COVID men’s attire.

Bruno Rosa Photography- Upstate Indie Weddings

BUREAU helps tailor your man, so that hes looking fine as he walks down the aisle to you. Learn more and reach out in Jon’s directory listing here! If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to shine on our directory and blog, go here!

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