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Register For A Local Experience For Your Wedding!


There are so many aspects of the modern couple that have evolved over the last 50 years, the registry being a big one! Maybe it’s in part because lots of couples are joining houses that are already established and they come prepared with most of the typical registry items. Or maybe it’s because, like the big trend for tiny living, modern couples are more interested in experiences and living an adventurous life rather than filling their lives with stuff.

Why not try a registry that offers you experiences in lieu of that Dyson Vacuum cleaner because – let’s be real – no one is in a hurry to snag that one off your list. There are a lot of websites out there (like Vebo Life and Zola) that make it easy to start a registry full of cooking classes, off-road expeditions, couples retreats, rock climbing – just about anything! Even private Cannabis Tour with a trip to the spa…. I know, right?

Here is a great list of some local ideas for experiences to add to your registry!



Learn how to mix your own craft cocktails at Queen City Shaken and Stirred


Become the sailor you’ve always wanted to be with Sail Buffalo


Enjoy a guided tour in the canal with BFLO Harbor Kayak


Dreams to become an amateur ballroom dancer? Dance Like a Star with Serge!



Have an intimate wine cruise tour on the Sam Patch down the Erie Canal


Learn how to ski at Bristol Mountain – at any age 😉


Expand your knowledge of all things cocktails with Rochester Cocktail Revival


Get away with your lover for a retreat with Finger Lakes Yogascapes


Learn how to bend metals and glass together as a couple at Rochester Arc and Flame Center


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