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Real Buffalo Love Story: Kelsey and Jim

When it comes to finding your soul mate, people say, “when you know you know.” And I knew. The second day I knew my husband, I said to myself, “I’m going to marry this man.” When it comes to wedding venues- the same phrase goes, you just know! My husband and I chose St. Gregory the Great RC Church for our ceremony, and The Lexus Club inside First Niagara Center for our reception. The church was an obvious choice for me, as I have received every sacrament there. With such a small window of availability (due to Sabres games, Bandits games, and concerts), we knew the Lexus Club would be a unique venue, which was one of our “must haves.”

Of course the Ceremony was the best part of my day- that is the whole reason behind a marriage. Being able to confess my love and dedication to my husband in front of our family, friends, and God still brings chills down my back. It was extra special to me having a part of my mother’s wedding gown as my “something old.” My mother is a woman I look up to, and has an amazing marriage of 30 years with my father. I used lace from my mother’s gown to embellish my shoes, as well as make small hair pieces for myself, my mom, my sister, and my niece. Silk from my grandmother’s gown was wrapped around our bouquets.

After walking into the venue and seeing the harbor through the floor to ceiling windows, Jim and I looked and each other and we “just knew.” It was almost as if The Lexus Club saw our vision and was created just for us. It was the perfect portrayal of Modern Elegance that we were looking for.

Between the ceremony and reception, we were able to venture around Buffalo for a photo op. They say it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. Well, we had a nice rainy morning. The rain stopped just in time for the ceremony, and created a beautiful sky for pictures. We started off at the Outer Harbor along Route 5. We braved the weeds, gravel, and some dog poop- all for some beautiful pictures. We then headed over to the Cobblestone District for a quick shot. Then we went to a place I least expected- a parking garage! I thought my photographer, Brandon Lata, was out of his mind! Sure enough, he proved me wrong. What a stunning view of our city. I loved being able to show off our city- as half of my bridesmaids live out of town.

From the second we arrived at cocktail hour, until we were carrying out the last card, Jim and I had smiles from ear to ear. We had put a lot of time and hard work into our reception. From individually gemmed table numbers, to hand decorated candles, and many other small details. We had the ability to see the venue from the second floor looking down, before anyone arrived. I felt like I was in a dream. Between the vendors and The Lexus Club coordinator, Syrie Roman [of Social Maven], it was almost as if, again, the room was created just for us. They saw into our mind and made it happen. The Wedding Gods were able to give our guests a stunning sunset through the picturesque windows during dinner service.

Your wedding day should be the most amazing day of your life. As a habitual “worry wart,” I was afraid I would be so concerned with every detail of the day going according to plan that I wouldn’t be able to live in the moment and enjoy the day. The day had such a special aura that I was able to enjoy and take in every single moment that happened. So brides, I advise you, BE THERE! You put so much time and effort into planning; make sure you are mentally there. And if anything does go wrong? It’s a good story a few months later. I would not have changed one moment of the day. Enjoy every moment planning, every wedding event, and every second of your big day. CHEERS!

Venue: The Lexus Club, First Niagara Center

DJ: Serious Sound

Hair/Makeup: Bombshell Salon, Williamsville

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