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Real Buffalo Love Stories: Lindsay and Matt’s Engagement Session

“Our engagement story takes place on September 20,2013. My now fiancé told me he really wanted to take me out to dinner at a surprise restaurant but the it was booked until 9 p.m. so he insisted on taking me shopping in East Aurora to kill time. After a new pair of boots and walking down Main Street we ran out of things to do. I was getting hungrier and hungrier and kept asking if we could eat yet. I would settle for anything! Matt told me he needed to check on something at his grandfather’s land in West Falls then we could go eat, so we go out to West Falls, drove around the property and everything is fine. I express my excitement that it’s time to eat! No…it’s not.

Matt tells me he bought a surprise for me and he wants to give it to me before dinner so he calls his mom and tells her to get the surprise out in the garage for me. Matt then has me close my eyes all the way down the street so I wouldn’t see this surprise. I’m getting irritable because I’m hungry and I don’t like surprises. We get to the house…eyes shut… and Matt helps me out of the truck. I follow him blindly…getting anxious and I sense we are in the house. He leads me into a room and tells me to open my eyes. I open them and find my mom and all his family in the living room and one man in the back corner that I have no idea who he is. I start to panic about the unknown man in the back and rack my mind about what I forgot! Who’s birthday was it? Did someone get a promotion?

Matt then calls my name and I turn to find him down on one knee and my eyes fill with tears. He asks me to marry him and I have every cliché reaction to the moment: my hands go to my mouth, no words come out and I just nod and give him a huge hug. I turn to my mom and we have a good ugly cry and everyone cheers for us. I had to close my eyes down the street because Matt had everyone park at his grandfather’s house down the road and walk so I wouldn’t see the cars and the man in the back was his friend Matt that I hadn’t seen in a long time. We had an engagement dinner right after with our families and I was too excited to eat anything at that point!”

Photos taken at Becker Farms, Gasport NY.

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