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My Biggest Regret from My Wedding Day

Now that I’m married, I can share my biggest regret from the day. It’s actually my only regret from the wedding day. I DIDN’T HIRE AN EFFING WEDDING COORDINATOR. There I was, thinking – I plan huge events – I can handle the day on my own. What I DIDN’T take into account was how every moment was rushed in my mind as I was always thinking about what had to happen next instead of taking in every single second of that incredible day. I tried to be present and take it all in – but it was damn near impossible. That’s why I woke up the day after my wedding in tears. It all happened too quickly, and before I knew it, it was all over.

 I didn’t realize how without a wedding planner, everyone came to me for answers. Even though I shared all of the details with the venue, my bridal party and family – I was somehow the only one who could make decisions. OK – so, I AM a pretty particular person and have slight control issues with how I want things done – even like, loading the dishwasher… but let me tell you that it added a whole new layer of anxiety to the day for me. I truly regret not having a wedding coordinator there to be the point person for my big day. I would have been able to be completely present and soak it all in. 

What do wedding coordinators do?

EV-RY-ONE says the day flies by, and they’re right. Make that ish last as long as you can – HIRE A DAY-OF COORDINATOR. Really, guys. Knowing what I know now, I would have found a way to make that extra money to afford it and paid for it myself. Wedding coordinators provide the following:

  1. Handle the logistics with your vendors 6-8 weeks out from the wedding day

  2. Create timelines, floor plans and manage the walk through

  3. Run the rehearsal and consider all of the little moments and details of the day

  4. Are there on the entire wedding day to oversee it all

If you’ve got the budget for full on planning, which means this professional will take the reigns from the very beginning – DO IT. Least of all, the day-of services are so incredibly valuable.

So because I didn’t have a day-of coordinator, I wish I would have thought ahead to give certain people specific jobs at specific times. I realized this at the rehearsal, when all of the little details that needed to be remembered and timed perfectly came to light and I was scrambling trying to task my friends and family on the fly. For as organized as I thought I was, it felt disorganized and thrown together. 

I won’t begin to list off the myriad of other things that came up, because they always do, but taking the time to really walk through every moment of the ceremony and reception in detail for a detailed timeline will help save you stress later. And the best way to do that is with the guidance of a trained expert. Find WNY’s most fabulous wedding planners and coordinators here in our directory!

Photos courtesy Lydia Maybee Photography

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