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Modern Wedding Music with Violena

We are always thinking of ways to make weddings distinct and more inspiring for you lovebirds, which means we are always on the hunt for new talent! While strolling through the Elmwood Arts Festival this summer, our heads literally turned to the sound and sight of this babe playing the violin in the street! I’m so glad we did, because now you’ll get to see/hear her yourself at the Winter Engagement Party at La Galleria! Get your tickets for the event here! Pre-registration is open until Tuesday, January 22nd! Lena is not only the sweetest person, but she’s insanely talented and passionate about performing! Her music is perfect for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, dinner hours, and private events. Your guests will be as captivated as we were in that summer day. In addition to playing solo, she can also bring along some musical friends to accompany her based on the sound that you’re looking for. You should consider options like live music at your event to heighten the experience for your guests and offer them a variety of offerings. It can also be an interactive way to get your guests engaged and up, out of their seats! Listen here as she performs with vocalist and pianist Carly Beth!

Learn more about Lena of Violena here on the directory! Come hear her at La Galleria on 01.23 from 6-8PM! Reserve your tickets here today!

If you’re a creative wedding professional who would like to be showcased, join the party! Learn more about how right here!

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