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Michelle Ann Photography Upstate New York Wedding Photographer

Meet Michelle Ann Photography Upstate New York Wedding Photographer! She loves being adventurous and being able to capture things in a unique setting. No cookie cutter weddings for this wedding photographer! Michelle wants to capture your biggest adventure. This could be on a mountain top with your dog or in the middle of a field surrounded by your closet friends and family. “I want your images to best capture you and what makes you happy.” Let’s get to know more about our newest member! Reach out to her directly in her directory listing right here!

Michelle Ann Photography Desert Engagement

Desert wedding engagement photo Michelle Ann Photography

Get to know Michelle Ann Photography Upstate New York Wedding Photographer

I started my business because I truly believe in the beauty of love. Being a hopeless romantic myself means that I find such joy in being able to capture each couples different story. My love for photography started back in high school. Travel is what prompted my first real camera purchase in 2016. You can always find me with my camera wandering the world! I never want to forget a moment or place that I have been. It’s all about being able to freeze that time to look back on.

Now that I am getting married myself, I realize how precious moments are. Lately, I find myself constantly looking back at my favorite photos. My fiancé has been my biggest supporter. He always enjoys coming along to help me with posing and prompts.

Wedding Portrait Style

In terms of style, I favor warm, moody, earthy vibes. I use prompts to create candid photos that I believe capture raw emotion in the most beautiful way. I do my best to listen to each clients wants and needs during their session or big day. Then, I use my camera to tell their story and capture their true selves. It’s so important to get to know each and every clients story so I can do my job of telling that story through photos.

I have put a big investment into education, mentorships, and workshops. I am constantly learning and trying to better myself as a photographer for my clients.

More Than a Wedding Photographer

Most importantly, I am not just someone who shows up and takes photos of you. You can count on me to help you plan your big day. Experience shows me that the time leading up to your big day can be very stressful. Therefore, I want to do everything I can to be as helpful as I can. I limit the amount of weddings and sessions I take a year so I can really focus on each of my couples. As each and every person deserves love, my business is open to all who fall in love. We do not discriminate.

Reach out to Michelle Ann Photography Upstate New York Wedding Photographer in her directory listing right here!

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