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MemoryFox is a Digital Guestbook

MemoryFox is a digital guestbook for your guests. Guests can sign with a personal video message. Are you up to date with the latest form of technology? Do you follow the latest trends? Do you think having a traditional wedding guestbook is not for you? This service is for you! It’s easy, convenient and accessible to all of your guests. The best part is that the digital guestbook is available to all of Western New York because it’s an app!

The MemoryFox digital guestbook provides a connection for you and your guests through storytelling. Use the app to capture powerful memories at your next big event! This guided storytelling app started as a tool to capture memories of aging populations, specifically, people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The app then transformed for more practical use: people wanting to capture unique and memorable content at their events. Now, people use MemoryFox at events of every size and format, ranging from corporate team building outings to non-profit fundraisers to weddings.

MemoryFox’s key features make it convenient to use. For starters, there’s no download required; who doesn’t love a quick and easy setup? All the content gathered throughout the night is stored in the cloud; there are unlimited content requests, MemoryFox works on ANY mobile device, making it extremely accessible to all of your guests. To make it even better, you and your guests have access to all of the content in real-time.

Joshua Parrish, MemoryFox’s founder, is a Buffalo native and University at Buffalo School of Business alumni who wants to contribute to Buffalo and Western New York’s thriving startup and small business community. The digital guestbook gives guests the ability to request specific content from their attendees in order to create a fun, unique experience that embodies their personalities. They’re also given real-time access to the content and can choose to display it as it is submitted during their reception. They often see fun, memorable requests like, “tell us one of your favorite memories of the bride,” or “get grandma on the dance floor and get a selfie with her.” Simple memories that you’ll have on camera to rewatch and cherish.

MemoryFox also works with event venues or directly with its couples to provide a fun, minimalist, easy to use way to capture powerful memories. Having authentic content is a key component of the modern-day wedding, and this service provides a way to do that without having to hire a dedicated videographer or photo booth. MemoryFox empowers its clients to give their special day one more layer of personality.

Now, guests can engage with their attendees and make memorable content requests that reflect their unique style and taste. These services don’t discriminate and everyone can have entertainment with this!

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