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Member Spotlight: Graphic-Poetry by Elizabeth Rose Designs

What is graphic poetry? It’s a combination of designer Elizabeth Rose’s background in graphic design and English, topped off with her love of poetry! She creates stunningly customized invitations, save the dates and other correspondences that are so artfully designed while keeping the style and personality of the occasion at the forefront!

“During my wedding planning I was really picky about what I wanted for my wedding stationery. I became disenchanted with looking through websites and books, just not finding exactly what I wanted. One design would have some elements that I liked, but something else that I didn’t. I decided to create my own stationery so I could totally customize what I wanted!”

Come and visit Elizabeth’s booth at the Buffalo Indie Wedding’s Bridal Show and Marketplace to see even more of her beautiful work!

Graphic-Poetry by Elizabeth Rose

All photos courtesy of Elizabeth’s website.

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