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Member Spotlight: DJ BVRO

“The bride and groom can expect somebody who will give them what they WANT, plus a little more.  I have a great sense of perception and awareness throughout the night, pertaining to everything from emceeing to selection of music, to the flow and crescendo of the night.” – DJ BVRO of Transcendent Soundscapes

“My personality and my eclectic taste in music is by far what sets me apart.  A lot of wedding DJ’s go through the motions and collect a hefty paycheck.  I want to give my clients a unique experience, without making them unload their wallets. I have a very diverse, yet dynamic taste in artists, tracks, and then original twists and loops to them.  I am very outgoing and am all about the bride! It is her special day, so I cater to what she wants.  This all happens by clear communication between both parties! They don’t have to settle!”

“I am also open and willing to play silly games with our guests, whether it be dollar dances with bride, or “how well do you know you spouse” trivia between the bride and groom.  People get a kick out of that stuff!”

“I don’t consider weddings work, I love helping people and giving them a positive experience they can remember forever.  What matter most to me is seeing the guests smiles and the thanks for helping them celebrate such a special day.”

“I am super flexible with multiple room dinner/receptions, and any other feasible things a bride and groom may want!”

“DJ VBRO” Brett


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