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Member Spotlight: Brittany Leigh Jewelry


I started making jewelry in college, at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I majored in Metals and Jewelry. But I didn’t start making really sentimental, meaningful jewelry until shortly after I graduated when my dear grandmother passed away.

I wanted to make a piece of jewelry to comfort my mother as she grieved, so I found an old birthday card from my grandmother and used her “love” signature to make a necklace for my mom. The necklace is a beautiful, happy way to keep her memory close everyday.

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As I made more handwriting jewelry, I soon realized that many brides are looking for a heartfelt way to honor loved ones who may no longer be with us. I feel so honored, humbled, and filled with joy that I’m able to give couples a way to celebrate the people who mean the most to them on their most special day.

​Love is the inspiration for everything I do, and it’s how my work stands apart from other jewelry. Each piece is 100% unique and individual to you – it stands for the things that matter the most in your life; the memories and the moments that make you who you are.

Photo courtesy of Grey to Blue Photography.

​It started with handwriting jewelry, but now I’m translating all kinds of special memories, both big and small, into jewelry that celebrates love. I can make you a wedding band that represents the actual date of your wedding. Or a necklace in the shape of Buffalo or Rochester, with a heart over the specific location of your wedding. There are countless ways to commemorate your wedding through my jewelry.

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Regardless of the occasion, I love connecting with my customers and hearing their stories. It’s very moving to be a part of their special days in a small, little way and to give them a piece of jewelry that’s truly meaningful to them and their loved ones. All I’m really trying to do is spread a little love and happiness into the world!I offer a pretty varied range of jewelry – prices range from a simple $25 ring to a $1000+ piece in 14k gold. So there’s something for every bride’s budget.

I’ll be at the upcoming 

bridal show on October 25th at The Hotel Lafayette! You can follow me on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook (but Instagram’s my fave!), or also join my newsletter for sentimental inspiration, regular updates, and special, exclusive discounts!

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