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Meet Good Neighbor Events in Buffalo

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Meet Good Neighbor Events in Buffalo, NY. Founder and lead planner Sarah Omicioli started the full-service event planning business after years of working in wedding coordinating & in the nonprofit world. Founded in the “City of Good Neighbors,” Good Neighbor Events honors its namesake by donating 10% of profits to organizations doing meaningful work to support and build up marginalized groups and support diversity and inclusivity in the community.

Everyone is Welcome

Looking back, Sarah’s love for event planning started at an early age. As a child. her mom made her invite every student in her class to her birthday party. “It’s not a party unless everyone is welcome,” she would advise.

Of course, as a child, Sarah rolled her eyes. What do moms know that little kids don’t, right? But she reluctantly agreed to the stipulation because cake and presents were at stake. Now, Sarah appreciates the life lesson more than ever. It’s a motto that’s forever imprinted on her, which is why Good Neighbor Events is not your typical event company. They throw parties where everyone is welcome; where everyone can celebrate and be celebrated.

Beautiful fall-themed dessert table set up by Good Neighbor Events in Buffalo, NY

Good Neighbor believes there’s no “right way” to do a wedding. The tired cliche of an ideal wedding doesn’t exist. What’s ideal for someone else may not be what’s ideal for someone else, and that’s OK. It’s 2021 and it’s the couple’s party. These party planners promise to first listen to their couples, then start the wedding planning. They spend a considerable amount of time getting to know who both parties are so that together they can plan the celebration that authentically represents the newlyweds.

Good Neighbor Events non binarycouple poses in front of red door with brick building holding hands, looking at each other in Buffalo, NY
Good Neighbor Events pose together outside embracing each other in Buffalo, NY.

Various Other Options Available

Not only does Good Neighbor offer full-service event planning, but there are other options available to couples looking for other services. They have options for a “month of coordination,” which is ideal for couples looking to iron out final details before the wedding. Indie Weddings always encourages to do what’s right for them, but we can’t stress enough how stressful it is to handle everything without a coordinator. In this package, Sarah offers to help with set-up, tear-down and day-of coordination. This way couples can enjoy the party and not worry about how everything’s going.

With the Delta Variant on the rise, couples are going to continue to elope and have micro weddings with their close friends and family. Good Neighbor also offers elopement packages and micro wedding packages. Everyone can agree that this pandemic is a weird time. Many people found themselves pivoting, canceling and postponing their celebrations. Others found themselves having mini celebrations with their closest friends and family. There’s something beautiful about celebrating in the face of a crisis…it’s like a big F-U to the current sh*t storm. Good Neighbor Events can help couples reimagine those ceremonies.

Good Neighbor Events couple hold hands leaving wedding with confetti in the air in Buffalo, NY.

Reach out to Sarah through Good Neighbor Events directory listing!

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