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Meet DJ Stix; Indie Wedding DJ and Lighting Pro!

Robert MacKay, aka DJ Stix is an independant DJ who can provide sound and lighting for your big day. He specializes in alternative music (Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, etc…), along with all the current hits. When you hire DJ Stix you get Robert MacKay, not a subcontracted DJ so you are his only priority for the day!  He can set up his turntables just about anywhere you can dream up your wedding. Lighting and sound packages are flexible depending on your budget.  Since he’s been in the business for 15 years, we asked DJ Stix to share some tips on selecting your wedding DJ.

What is your best suggestion for anyone looking for a wedding DJ?

When choosing the right DJ I recommend giving them a complete list of song the YOU want played. Don’t let the DJ do his own thing, tell him exactly the songs and let him choose the right time to play them by reading the mood of the crowd. I work full time as a Audio Video Technician in a bunch of Buffalo hotels (Hyatt, Westin, Marriott Millersport & Marriott Harbor Center) and have witnessed many of the local DJ companies and always notice when that mood drops from a poorly selected song!

Do you use turntables as well as electronic mixers?

When I started to DJ I had a huge CD collection, so when the Pioneer CDJ’s came out I had a pair. Over time I realized that vinyl turntables were more fun. I absolutely still use them because it just looks more professional and classy. I do still use my CDJ’s and will bring them to smaller events (they are lighter & easier to transport). My goal is to make my set up look as clean, classy, and professional as possible, and if that means lugging some heavier pieces of equipment and taking some extra time setting up for a better outcome, it’s worth it. The perfect  sound, lighting, high energy from the crowd and great photos for the wedding couple are my priority! 

Learn how to reach out to DJ Stix on our directory here!

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