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Lily Catherine Wedding Photography Member Spotlight

Lily Catherine Wedding Photography was unofficially established when I graduated college in 2014. It was then that I decided to begin shooting engagement and family portraits professionally. In 2015, while continuing to shoot engagement, family, high school seniors and real estate, I began working for a local studio as a wedding second shooter and FELL IN LOVE. Since then, I have been gradually honing my skills and feeding my passion for photographing amazing couples on their wedding day. In January 2019, Lily Catherine Photography became official and I am so happy that I took that next step. My business has been growing and I am so grateful for all of the beautiful couples who have reach out and entrusted me with shooting their wedding day.

About Me

Aside from my business, I am extremely blessed to have my amazing husband Andrew who cares for our two children, Andrew and Alice, while I’m off working a 12 hour wedding day or running through tall grasses somewhere for an engagement shoot. So lucky. As a small local business, I work out of my home in Akron, NY with the dream of eventually having my handyman husband build me a small studio in our backyard. When required, I employ contracted second shooters for some of my weddings. I love to work with other photographers who are maybe just starting out and would love to learn more about the wedding photography business with me.

I believe that love is non-discriminatory. Furthermore, I capture love in all forms and have definitely worked with the coolest couples. If you want to bring your dog to your engagement shoot or take pictures in a row boat, that’s cool. Let’s keep it lively!

Lily Catherine Wedding Photography Style

The overall style of my wedding photography is very much laid back and natural. I love working with couples who might choose a backyard reception over a high-end sit down dinner. My editing style is something that I find I get the most remarks about when I sit down with couples for an initial consultation. Compared to other “filter-esque” editing styles that seem to be “in” at the moment, my clients prefer the vibrant and natural photographs I turn out. I want my clients to have images that will still be beautiful and “in style” 80 years from now. In terms of my wedding photography services, they’re unique in the fact that I cut out the “frills” of a typical wedding package. To clarify, I only provide the beautiful digital images that a lot of couples on a budget are looking for.

My goal for all of my clients is to be there every step of the way for them. From the point of initial inquiry, I make it a point to be timely with responses and scheduling. Nothing is worse than leaving a message and not getting an answer for 3 days. I also include engagement sessions with all of my wedding packages. This way, we can really connect before their wedding day. When the day of the wedding arrives, I make sure that my couples are free of any photography related concerns.

Reach out to Lily at the bottom of her directory listing page right here! Head back to our directory to keep planning your best day ever! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

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Daffur Link
Daffur Link
Sep 23, 2023

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