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Light Within Candle Are Perfect Wedding Favors

Have you ever thought of what scents remind you of your love? Maybe you should start brainstorming. Light Within Candle offers custom hand-poured candle wedding favors, from label designs to fragrance, you’re involved in the creation process. These favors add a touch of sophistication and charm to any wedding theme or color palette. Elise not only welcomes your input, but she wants it! If you envision it and she can source it, your candle favor vision will come to life. How cool is that?

It’s a great gift for your wedding party, mothers/mother-in-law, and anyone you’d like to give a personal shoutout too for helping with your special day. You can choose to go for a scent that best represents you as a couple, or tailor it to the person/people you’re gifting it to!

This small business thrives because Miklich believes in the power of an intimate connection with each of her clients. The most important thing is that her client’s vision is brought to life and that the two work together to form a trusting relationship that allows her to understand their needs and execute their requests correctly (the first time). Y’all, this attention to detail is unmeasurable. FOR REAL, but that’s the Indie Crew way.

There are so many things that set this small business apart, but personalization and attention to detail are high on the list. During a consultation, Elise actively listens and asks questions to build a strong connection with each and every client. From there, the candles you create together will be unique to you. No two candles are ever the same. She provides sample scents or mixes custom scents based on the information she’s given and allows clients to take their time gathering feedback on the scents but also allows clients to keep all sample candles to burn in their houses.

In a world where meaningless gifts are everywhere, Light Within Candle strives to provide people with favors that are not only unique and useful but recyclable and add value to their environment. Elise only works with the finest phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oils, American-grown soy wax, and all ingredients are eco-friendly. The candles come in a variety of tin colors, sizes and shapes. Couples also have the option to choose a different type of container that’s unique to them. If she can source it, she can make the vision come to life.

Light Within Candle are the best wedding favors you’ve ever had. The celebration of love shouldn’t stop after the DJ turns the lights up, you’ll have this to warm your hearts for months to come. The wax, wick and fragrance capture the essence of a couple.

Make sure you reach out to Elise through her directory listing right here & follow her socials!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to join our phenomenal roster of local pros, learn how right here!

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