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Let Green Eats Kitchen and Juice Bar Be Your Weddings Main Squeeze!

OK. Just LOOK. At all of these colors! Aren’t you simply captivated by these images!? Green Eats is a cold press juice bar and wellness kitchen that provides custom, specialized juices for events, weddings, showers, bachelorettes and more. They provide extraordinary presentation according to your vibe and aesthetic. They can create gourmet, fun, bohemian, vintage, playful or elegant cold press juices and wellness treats/snacks for your event. We’ve been waiting for a truly healthy option for wedding catering and favors – this is it, girls! You’ll have a chance to try some of their samples at our upcoming event at our Winter Engagement Party at La Galleria on 01.23 from 6-8PM! Reserve your pre-registration tickets here now!

We work with your vision, style, and energy for unique styling of our glass bottle juices. Flavor names are even customized and tailored for your event. Joanne, owner.

Read all about Green Eats Kitchen and Juice Bar and their offerings on their listing here!

If you’re a creative wedding professional who would like to be showcased, join the party! Learn more about how right here!

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