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Introducing Two Palm Films Wedding Videography

Husband and wife wedding videography team, Two Palms Films wedding videography is based in Western New York and serves the surrounding area. Their wedding videography package includes day-of coverage, a short sneak peek video, and a longer wedding film. Additional add-ons are available for couples interested in more, including full ceremony edits and same-day edits. 

So how did Two Palm Films wedding videography come to fruition? Ryan majored in media studies in college, mainly focused on filmmaking. Meanwhile, Sarah was a professional dancer with the Radio City Rockettes, and is now finishing up her doctorate of physical therapy at University of Buffalo. Ryan fell into wedding videography after filming a friend’s wedding in 2015 while they were living in NYC. After moving back to WNY, the pair started filming more weddings for friends and decided to make a real business out of it. They love playing such an important role in preserving couples’ wedding memories and sharing in their celebrations.

At Two Palm Films wedding videography, Ryan and Sarah firmly believe your wedding is not a photo/video shoot, it’s first and foremost a special day! While some shots are staged, they try to direct very minimally and aim to organically capture what is happening throughout day, if that is the style preferred. In order to provide every one of their clients with the best experience possible, they will aim to meet in person at least once or twice before the wedding day. This ensures that they have a good relationship by the time the wedding comes around, as well as an accurate idea of the couples goal for the final product. You may feel as though you see this duo more than your significant other come the day of, but no worries. Trust that they know how to collaborate with other wedding vendors, and stay out of their way so that they too can perform their job to the best of their abilities.

A lot comes out of this unique husband-wife partnership. Ryan brings the outstanding videography and editing skills, Sarah brings the organization, the feminine perspective, and the musical selections/editing. Neither of them could do it alone, and they each make each other better every day. They are constantly challenging themselves to try new things and improve with every single wedding. Their goal is to produce a film that captures the beautiful moments, the candid moments, all of the important details, and most importantly, is a reflection of the couple all combined into a stunning cinematic package. And they want it to be engaging and interesting enough for your friends to watch the whole thing!

Before getting to work, they always remind brides and grooms that their wedding day is their own – there shouldn’t be any pressure to do things you don’t want to – there are no rules! Couple who choose Two Palm Films, do so for this very reason. They want to do their own thing, not follow the traditional wedding rules, unless that’s what makes them truly happy. Ryan and Sarah love all of the individuality they have witnessed through WNY weddings, and truly LOVE their couples, including those within the LGBTQ+ community.

It would be this duo’s greatest pleasure to create a lasting memory of one of the greatest days of your life that will bring you joy for years to come. Contact Two Palms Films via our directory to see more of their work and reach out to them directly! See more of Two Palm Films on Vimeo!

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