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Introducing The Beauty Spot by Mikayla Pusatier

The Beauty Spot owner, Mikayla Pusatier, is enhancing the natural beauty of her clients with aesthetics in Western New York! She decided to start up The Beauty Spot because she wanted to work for herself and be a boss babe. Mikayla felt that as a young female, and with a lot of experience working for people who were unkind and unprofessional, she could strive to create an environment in which professionalism, cleanliness, and talent could brightly shine in the beauty community.

Getting to know The Beauty Spot owner is a treat! The Beauty Spot is a small, locally owned business because small businesses are the building blocks toward creating a brand for yourself. Small businesses run off the support from friends, family and communities, making them even more critical. Once you establish one, you find a home in a community of beautiful clients and other businesses willing to give their support. It’s about uplifting one another.

Mikayla’s specialized service is her special effects makeup and love for eccentric aesthetic styles. Her background in FX makeup kicked off inside a haunted house, how many can say that? You guys, this is so cool! How many times have you tried to follow a YouTube tutorial on Halloween looks, and they turned into disasters? Just visit The Beauty Spot, and Mikayla can do you up!  She’s self-taught in beauty makeup, and now, she is lucky enough to do it on-site for films and television! FANCY, we know! Film sets aren’t the only thing that sets her apart; her experience with fashion shows, commercials and advertising make her a seasoned professional.

Mikayla provides her clients with a fantastic experience by completely catering to what they need from me as an artist, from the first day of the trial. She believes everybody is always learning. Although she has spent a lot of time building her kit, sometimes she doesn’t have everything a bride may need glamwise. But she’s more than happy to buy and try out new setting sprays, lashes, or hairsprays to make sure they are the most confident they could be. Sometimes HER favorite brands to work with don’t work for everybody, and that’s OK; she recognizes that it’s not a one shoe fits all. Forming a personalized connection to make a client comfortable is very important, especially for a bride because of how stressful a wedding day can be.

With The Beauty Spot, Mikayla is changing the conversation around weddings by encouraging clients not to stick themselves in a traditional box. This day is all about the couples if brides want  24-inch hair extensions, huge eyelashes, tons of glitter, and wear a pink dress, by all means, GO FOR IT. If they don’t, that’s okay too! It’s their day! In Mikayla’s opinion, being able to take conventional and unconventional brides and making them feel their best is very important to her.

The Beauty Spot offers a higher standard for style and quality by providing excellent service and having a professional setup. Mikayla pulls out all the stops with a ring light, chair, makeup assistant, and kickass brand makeup, and hair products are essential to feeling like badass bitches!

Make sure you reach out to Mikayla through The Beauty Spot’s directory listing

right here & follow its socials!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to join our phenomenal roster of local pros, learn how right here!

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