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Hannah Kathleen and Skinny Kid Films: Capturing Buffalo Weddings

“Being able to share a common occupation/passion/interest with someone you love is awesome.  I never pictured myself in this industry, but a sure upside is being able to work with my girlfriend Hannah of: “Hannah Kathleen Photography”. We help each other with most weddings and love every bit of it.”  -Caleb Porzio of Skinny Kid Films

Boyfriend and girlfriend Caleb & Hannah share similar passions.  Caleb is a videographer and Hannah is a photographer, both in the wedding circuit. Just by looking at their photos and videos, it’s clear that they truly love what they do!

Caleb provides a unique behind the scenes look at your wedding day.  He notices the way the groom ties a bow tie and the way the maid of honor carefully places the bride’s veil.  Caleb will record your first dance but he won’t leave out the flower girl twirling with her grandfather in the following song.

“Part of my job is being thoroughly entertained. I’ve seen wonderfully choreographed dances, beautiful solos performed by the groom, hilarious and heartwarming toasts, live music, and did I mention awesome food? There is a lot of fun to be had in the wedding industry. Lots of hard work… but lots of fun!” -Caleb

Hannah takes the time to know the couples she will photograph.  Keeping in mind how you met and what you enjoy most, she can know how to best capture your love.

I LOVE love! I’m a sucker for weddings and anything that tells a couple’s love story. To me, photography is the best way to preserve memories of the day that wraps your past together, launches you on a new adventure, and celebrates the fact that the two of you are even more awesome when put together.”  -Hannah Richbart of Hannah Kathleen Photography

Hannah has a strong sense of professionalism and time management that allows for wedding events to run smoothly.  Her clients love her thoroughness and creativity as they are left with a variety of beautiful pictures.

Hannah and Caleb almost always collaborate with each other while documenting weddings.  They feed off of each other’s perspective and the results are outstanding. Through their non-intrusive shooting style, Hannah and Caleb are capturing the BuffaLove in a timeless way.  They are catching all of the moments that you don’t want to forget.

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