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H&H Weddings favorite White Wedding Dress Alternatives!

H&H Weddings is dedicated to providing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples with high end resources to plan and create a one-of-a-kind event. Every couple dreams of the perfect day that is exclusively theirs. Our goal is to help you put together a timeless and personal fête that you and your loved ones will always remember.”

One of my all-time favorite things to talk about when people ask about H&H Weddings is alternative attire. Weddings, wedding websites, resources & stores tend to be very bridal gown driven, which is something that bothers me for a number of reasons. Primarily, it excludes a vast number of people who are getting married or want to get married. As people shift their hetero-normative views, the wedding industry will follow! For now, it’s pretty stuck in tradition.

I, however, refuse to let tradition rule, especially when it’s making things difficult for so many people. Brides tend to have the widest array of attire; some wear suits, some wear jumpsuits, some wear dresses. Lucky for me, I see all sorts of alternatives to the conventional white wedding dresses!

For the more masculine bride, finding suiting can be difficult. You can’t just grab a suit off the rack and expect it to fit (to be fair, most men can’t do that either). If you are in the market for suiting, companies like Saint Harridan offer a plethora of options for you. Generally speaking, any bespoke suiting company can custom make suits for women too. If you’re looking for something less formal, say a vest and slacks or suspenders, I suggest checking out DapperQ’sstore guide that is chock-full of LGBTQ-friendly stores that are perfect for the masculine presenting women & trans-identified individuals out there. Want something out of the ordinary for your neckwear? Check out QWERTY’s line of Lady Ties. They are a slightly more feminine take on classic neckwear and are perfect for anyone!

Brides in the middle, I find, have the most difficult time. They know they don’t want a white wedding dress, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for them to wear a dress. It also wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for them to wear a suit. For the more fluid brides, I love a feminine tux or suit. I am also a massive fan of the jumpsuit making a comeback! You can find them in any shape, size or color that you like! There is one to flatter pretty much every body and they won’t break the bank (considering custom suiting starts at about $1000 and bridal gowns cost at least that). Plus, if you are having an informal ceremony, a jumpsuit is totally appropriate. And it can infuse some color! My personal fave to this day is thiscobalt blue jumpsuit at Brooklyn Bridge Park wedding.

If you are the kind of bride that always dreamed of walking down the aisle to your wife in a wedding dress, don’t worry. There are options for you too! I adore the ladies who chose a boldly colored dress for their big day. Considering this is one of the biggest moments of your life and you’ve probably spent a lot of money on a photographer, you’re going to want those pictures to last. And, let’s be honest. White isn’t everyone’s color, so why not chose something that you look amazing in? A bride in blush pink with a wedding party in grey looks so chic and spring-ready. Summer nuptials? What about a black dress, bold florals and mismatched citrus colors for the wedding tribe? See. The choices are endless. Even though it seems overwhelming, it’s actually more freeing than anything! YOU get to decide what your wedding will look like, not some predetermined tradition that tries to put everyone in a box.

Want more inspiration and attire alternatives? Keep up on H&H Weddings and follow my Pinterest Boards: Suit Up, Dress Up & The (Not) White Wedding Dress for continued ideas and insight.

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