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Experience the Gardens at Erie Way Flowers!

Who Erie Way Flowers Is:

At Erie Way we offer locally grown flowers that can be used to customize any floral arrangement. What makes Erie Way different than other florists is the ability to walk out our studio doors and choose from all the beautiful blooms we grow ourselves that are right at our fingertips! It gives arrangements a unique garden style design and the flowers are at their freshest when they are harvested locally. This does provide some limitations in regards to the availability of certain types of flowers, but we still boast a wide range from local flowers, filler flowers as well as greenery.  We also grow and continue to expand planting of perennials which makes a great addition to the annuals that are grown.  Many brides don’t find this to be an issue, though, as there is always something for everyone!

We also offer three tiers of wedding services to accommodate a variety of budgets and tastes!

1) The Full Service, which includes everything from bouquets to large scale installations and everything in between.

2) The A La Carte option, where Erie Way makes the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, then you get DIY buckets for all other decor such as centerpieces, arbors, etc.

3) The DIY, where you fill your DIY buckets and make everything yourself!

Trends to Watch:

This season, dahlias continue to be an extremely popular choice for brides.  There is such a wide array of colors and flower style that makes them extremely appealing. Cascading bouquets have been at the top of my bride’s request list, which I love because they make such a statement!  They are challenging to make, but I love how that keeps me on my toes! I’ve also had lots of requests for large scale ceremony flowers that can be moved to the reception for repurposing!

Advice for Brides:

Book our floral services at least 4 months in advance, but really, the sooner the better as our calendar really fills up quickly! I try not to do more than 3 weddings per weekend.

When a bride schedules a consult with me, we discuss all elements of their wedding day.  They are encouraged to come to the farm because I have examples right at my fingertips, and they get a stroll through the gardens!  I want my clients to feel like they are in good hands with someone who knows flowers.  I happen to think (and not that I’m biased, of course) that flowers and decor are the most important aspect of the entire day and that it’s necessary for the bride to feel reassured that these things are being well managed!

Highs and Lows:

To date, my most favorite arrangement was the circular arbor for an inaugural debut at the Historic German House.  It was challenging (which I always love) and I was able to use all of my spring tulips, ranunculus, allium, and more to make it a gorgeous spring garden feeling piece in a traditional auditorium setting! The biggest challenge within my business and growing my own flowers is Mother Nature!!  She doesn’t always cooperate and we are completely at her mercy!  Timing is everything and no matter how well you plan what you are going to grow, she can throw a curveball and make you crazy! My favorite things to create are probably large scale installations.  I love the challenge and the fact that I get to be really creative, especially with ceremony pieces such as arbors.

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