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Encore Wedding Ideas and Advice

What is an “encore wedding?” Encore wedding is the term we coined (with the help of one of our followers!) to describe the second, or, original wedding COVID couples had planned. So many couples, myself included, have had to change wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been tough, but we are hoping to be that bright spot in the darkness for all of you! This blog post will outline some of our favorite encore wedding ideas and advice. If you have an idea or want to share your encore wedding story with us – fill out the contact form below!

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Upstate Indie Weddings Founder Elopement in Mexico

After my elopement in Mexico in February 2020, I’ve had to start thinking of encore wedding ideas and advice for all to benefit from!

Encore Wedding Ceremony Ideas

  1. Have a second ceremony or vow renewal. This way, all of the guests will be able to share in the most special part of your wedding day: the marriage!

  2. Debut the wedding video from your first wedding at your encore wedding! If you want to skip having a ceremony the second time around, why not share the wedding video with your family and friends at your encore wedding before posting on the socials?

  3. Rather than another full ceremony, you could have a quick blessing or unity ritual before dinner! This is a romantic way to have the “we did it” feels without the formality of a ceremony.

Encore Wedding Reception Ideas

  1. Make. It. A. PARTY! You’ve all waited this long!! Make sure the bar is STOCKED and the music is PUMPING!

  2. Have plenty of fun activities for your guests to fill the time like photo booths, live entertainment, dessert tables, games, you name it! The more interactive the activities the more fun your guests will have,

  3. Hire a second photographer and videographer if your budget permits. Your family and friends will want photos with the happy couple!

  4. If you’re trying to save some money on the food (because it should all be spent on the bar, really) opt for food stations or a food truck! You could also have a special dinner for immediate family and close friends, then have the rest of the wedding guests join you after for dessert and dancing!

  5. Lastly, do what you want in terms of all of the other elements. Your original wedding dreams were crushed! If you want to go ALL OUT then do it, friends! If you and your partner bought a house in between and are cash poor – don’t stress about the little details! People care the most about being able to celebrate with you.

Attire and Attendants at your Encore Wedding

  1. You better believe that I’ll be wearing a new wedding dress for my encore wedding! If you want to get a white feathered party frock – DO IT! On the other hand, you spent a lot of money on the first dress and you love it SO much – so rock that gown again!

  2. Guys – I suggest you shake up the encore wedding ensemble a little. Maybe swap out the shirt and tie, or loose the jacket and grab a new, fun colored or patterned blazer. Heck, get an entirely new suit that you an add to your assortment because you’re a guy and you will always need a solid assortment of suits for events. (No, we won’t be stuck inside for all eternity.)

  3. When it comes to your bridal party, I say keep ’em if you need ’em. If you’re going all out with a second ceremony and need the help and support – make those friends work. If you’re keeping it small where the party is just a party, you don’t really need them. However – they can still partake in the fun if they want! This is totally up to you and your friends.

Encore Wedding Advice and Etiquette

  1. When you start getting gifts from family and friends who weren’t able to come to your first wedding, start a list and card box so that you don’t forget who gave you what. If you want to hold off on sending thank you cards until after the encore wedding, you should definitely call the gift giver and make sure they know you received it and how thoughtful it was.

  2. If you were invited to a wedding but it was downsized and you couldn’t attend – send a gift anyway. Like it or hate it – that’s just how I feel about it. Your friend/family member is still going through this transition in their life and will still have wedding bills to pay.

  3. Re-save the dates are really important to make sure that everyone is on the same page, so reach out to your invitation designer and have them bust some postcards out for you so they are on hand when you need them. You can even use photos from your first wedding! Michael and I did! On both of the re-save the dates we’ve sent out… so far… 😭

If you have any other encore wedding ideas and advice for our readers – share it with us! How are you planning your encore wedding? We would love to share photos and ideas from yours. Submit them today!

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