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DIY Wedding Craft Ideas with M Bellished Events: Origami Sailboat Namecards

Hey there – It’s Melissa from M bellished Events! At MBellished Events, we specialize in creative and crafty ways to personalize any event – weddings, showers, birthdays, and other celebrations. We can help you add personal touches that are chic, distinctive and elegant; that express you and your personality. Utilizing a collaborative process, we will listen to your ideas, and help you create the event that best expresses you.

We have a blast sponsoring the DIY Department at the Buffalo and Rochester Indie Weddings’ spring bridal shows!  It is so great to see so many brides getting their craft on! For us, when we think of a memorable event – it’s the smallest details that set it apart, the personal touches that represent you and your personality.  With the explosion of Pinterest and Etsy – we know that brides have fallen in love with DIY projects and the crafted wedding look.  We can help you get that look that give your special day a creative, unique touch.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with all things nautical – preppy stripes, anchors, sailboats, knots – and most of all seersucker! With the magnificent weather we have been experiencing in Buffalo, how can anyone not dream about being on the waterfront, drink in hand, feeling the nautical vibe.  In Buffalo, we are blessed with a beautiful waterfront with amazing venues to host your next party or wedding reception.  Do not forget we are a short drive from Lake Ontario, Chautauqua Lake, and the Finger Lakes Region which also provide picturesque views and gorgeous venues.  I often kid my husband that we need to renew our vows just so I can have a nautical themed reception or perhaps we have found the theme for my up and coming 40th birthday bash!

Either way – I think these snazzy origami sailboats would make fabulous name cards for your next nautical themed event.


1. Start with a 6” x 6” square piece of paper. With the paper like a diamond, fold the square, matching the top and bottom corners, then unfold.

2. Repeat Step 1 with the other two corners – you should then have two diagonal creases.

3. Turn the paper over to the opposite side and fold one edge to the opposite edge (horizontally), then unfold.

4. Repeat Step 3 with the other side – but this time DO NOT unfold.

5. Position your paper so the folded edge is on the bottom. There are creases on the paper that form a “V”. Hold the paper with each hand, and slowly bring your hands together allowing the four corners to meet at the top.


6. Place the paper flat on the table in a diamond shape making sure there are two flaps on the right and two flaps on the left, with a vertical crease down the middle.

7. Unfold the base slightly and push the top front corner to the base. Rotate the paper and repeat on the other side.

8. Return to the small diamond shape (like Step 6) – fold one of the “sails” over the base of the “boat”. Fold the paper back up at a slightly smaller size, making it smaller than the original sail. Tuck the pleat into the “hull” or body of the boat.

9. Fold bottom corner of the hull up to the edge of the hull where the two sails meet. Unfold slightly to create the sailboat’s stand.


 10. Add a name and table number – and now you are ready to set sail for your reception!


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