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DIY Spray Painted Vases

Photo May 30

Whether they are for your reception or bridal shower, centerpieces are a great way to show off your personal style and your DIY skills. These spray painted vases are super easy and fun to make!

  1. You will need:

  2. Vases- whatever size or shape you like! I found mine at a craft store for only $1.75

  3. Alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol and cotton balls

  4. Spray paint- whatever color you want. Mix metallic with matte colors for a unique look!

  5. Masking/paint tape

Start by rinsing your vases to remove all dust and dirt so that it doesn’t get trapped under the paint. Then, use the rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe down every vase. Set vases aside to dry for a few minutes. Once vases are completely dry, use the masking tape to make your design. Determine where you want the stripes to be. I made each vase different by giving them different size stripes.

Carefully spray paint each stripe whatever color you’d like. Let them dry for a few hours.

For an extra special touch, spray paint a few small twigs matching colors to give your centerpieces an earthy feel!

Keep scrolling for more inspiration!

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