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DIY paper seedling starter pots from Love by Bean!

If you missed our last bridal show, Crafts and Cocktails at the Mansion on Delaware, fret not! Sure it was a total blast and we really missed you – but we’re going to share all of the amazing DIY ideas and fun with you here!

First up are DIY seeding starter pots made of paper created by Eileen, owner of Love by Bean!


“I chose this DIY project because they are great inexpensive and pretty way to transplant succulent or other plant cuttings into!” This is a great idea if you’re considering giving out plantable favors for your wedding!



– 1 6oz. empty tin can

– 4×12 inch sheet of non-glossy paper

– non-toxic glue stick


1. Place paper down on a flat surface with the non decorative side facing up.

2. Lay the empty can on top of the paper leaving 1 inch of the paper hanging out of the open end of the can.

3. Roll the paper around the can. Tucking the over-hanging 1 inch of paper into the inside of the can. This will be the bottom of the starter/ transplant pot.

4. Gently pull the paper off of the can and then flatten.

5. Use the non-toxic glue to seal the side flap.

6. Make a 1/2 inch crease along the top of the starter/ transplant pot by folding down on both sides. Then gently tuck the top in at the crease for extra stability and a finished top.

When ready to use, open the pot into a cylinder shape by gently pushing in the sides. Then push down the bottom from the inside. Fill with soil, seeds or transplants! Placing the pot on a plate or other protective surface is highly recommended!

When ready, the pot can be planted directly into the ground, no need to remove it…which is perfect for delicate roots!


If you have any questions for Eileen, or are interested in learning more about her plantable wedding favors, check out her Etsy shop here!

Stay tuned for more fun DIY inspiration from our talented members!

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