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Cruise Planners Travel Agency Member Spotlight

Cruise Planners travel agency just joined the Indie Crew! Franchise owner Debbie Welsch has over 20 years of experience planning elaborate vacations for traveling couples. She finds joy in giving couples the ultimate vacation experience and knows the ins and outs of the travel industry. Debbie also specializes in all-inclusive packages, that way you’re not worried about a thing! With the constant travel policies & restrictions changing, it’s more important than ever to book a trip through a travel agent.

Meet Deborah

Coming from a large multi-generational family, Debbie has seen it all and is all about planning and preparation! From active excursions to elegant candlelit dinners, she can accommodate just about anyone! She’s committed to giving couples the trip of their dreams and always has recommendations handy!

Running a small business takes a special type of dedication, there has to be a passion for the job, a love for the consumer and a sense of community, and Deborah has all three. She transformed her curiosity for the world and wanderlust desire into a career. Cruise Planners travel agency gives back to the Rochester, NY community and enjoys getting to know the people she works with. Debbie gives lovebirds the gift of creating memories.

Plan a trip with a view

Planning a honeymoon is more than just choosing an agency and destination. It’s the perfect time to explore someplace new, revisit a location close to the heart, try out new excursions and take the time together as a couple.

There are a lot of couples out there that debate whether or not investing in a honeymoon is the right move for them right after their wedding. It’s a valid concern; however, there’s no time like the present. Yes, times are crazy right now, but that’s even more reason to carve out one to two weeks out to spend solely with your partner. Working with an agent minimizes stress and room for error. Cruise Planners travel agency stays on top of the constant travel updates in a Corona world and can help guide you on which destinations are available, protocols in place, and which activities are going to give you the most memorable time.

A honeymoon is meant for two

Remember: a honeymoon is meant for two people. Each person should have something they’re looking forward to doing and sharing with their partner. Perhaps working out is important to one while the other is into extreme sports like ziplining, Debbie can assist in planning a trip specifically that includes a gym and zip lining, or any other amenities people would want.

It’s meant to be a romantic time newlyweds can spend together either getting to know each other or taking time to reconnect. It’s not the time to bring other family members or kids. Spoiler alert: a trip with family and kids is just a vacation, not a honeymoon! Leave everyone else at home! Be selfish! Spend time together!

Let someone else handle the heavy lifting of planning the trip. All-inclusive trips are perfect for those that love having an entire trip wrapped in a bow. They’re also picturesque to document everything on the gram for your friends to die over LOL


Reach out to Deborah through contact her through Cruise Planners’ directory listing!

If you’re a creative pro that wants to expand your small business, start now!

Special thanks to Lydia Maybee Photography for the photos

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