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CowPok’s Top 5 Bridal Jewelry Picks

From bride and grooms, wedding parties, and even your in laws – it’s hard to find people in this day and age without some sort of body modification. You may even hear that phrase and think it doesn’t apply to you, but you may be surprised; even the simplest ways of changing your body, like working out, dying your hair and even piercing your navel or your earlobes all falls under the beautiful umbrella of body modification.

CowPok Piercing Gallery has been a part of the community for over twenty five years, and has committed to not only staying up to date on techniques and quality, but the always evolving styles available for the modified community. Body jewelry has come a long way, and we’re so excited to show you just a fraction of what we can offer. With trained staff members not only for piercing, but in fine jewelry, we’re happy to assist in custom orders or put together a set with on-hand pieces that’ll give you or your partner a unique, but tasteful look. The jewelry you update with is a perfect reminder, every time you look in the mirror, of the excitement you felt on on your wedding day. And with jewelry that lasts a lifetime, why shouldn’t you treat yourself? Here’s a list of our top five favorites on the market now!

The Beaded Ring – a versatile ring that can work almost anywhere. With the smallest high polished beads you’ve ever seen, the pop of texture is surprisingly chic while noticeably subtle. Stack them in your cartilage for a sleek pop of shine, or in your nostril or septum to really get heads turning. This style is available in 14k white, yellow or rose led platinum as well. The Latchmi, BVLA.

The Hammered Shield – more bold flash with metallics, without the need for extra stones. The hammered texture in this piece packs a lot of punch for being so small, but is great for not only your big day, but beyond – skipping stones that lock you into color combinations makes this piece easy to match in your everyday wear. The Janna, BVLA.

The Mini Kandy – these are a CowPok favorite! A wonderful update for almost any facial or ear piercing, these tiny genuine stones with four tri-bead details add some texture while keeping looks classic and refined. The Mini Kandy, BVLA.

The Pave Disk – our absolute lowest piece in profile, with just the right about of sparkle. The pave finish along with a micro diamond tucked subtly in the center, these pieces are the ultimate update for nostrils and ears for wedding day photos. Keeping them super flat, this ensures just the tiniest bit of sparkle for your big day, with all of the elegance that you dreamt of. The Micro Pave, BVLA.

The Classic Diamond –  who said diamonds needed to be boring? We can order you just about any cut of diamond, in a huge array of colors to match the colors for your event in a subtle way. From chocolate and cognac, to ocean blue and rose pink, or a classic white diamond, the possibilities can be endless. In store we regularly have them in an array for sizes, set in white, yellow and rose gold and are a quick easy update for piercings you’ve had for years but never bothered to swap out. Diamond, BJR.

CowPok ensures the highest quality jewelry available in the body piercing industry, and a tailored fit of any and all things necessary.  It’s important to remember that much like the fine jewelry you’d find in places like Tiffany’s and Cartier, one size rarely fits all. You deserve the best for your body, and jewelry should never sacrifice quality for style. Visiting us guarantees the best of both.

Thanks to Chloe DeSimone, Manager of CowPok Piercing Gallery for sharing these stylish and beautiful ideas with us! Contact her and her team of babes for all of your gorgeous accessory needs! 

177 Elmwood Ave |  5651 Main St Buffalo, New York

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