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Buffalo Wedding Photographer: Lydia Maybee

“I was sitting in a cubical (I don’t do well with 4 walls) and literally in tears. I had turned down 3 job opportunities in 4 years that would have had me set for life. Nothing felt right, I was lost. I had a conversation with a stranger in Florida and the thought “what it would be like to be my own boss” took root in my mindset. That was in 2006 and it’s been quite the journey since then. Venturing into a business has been the greatest adventure I’ve been on and I still feel like this is only the beginning!” -Lydia Maybee

In the “down time” months in Buffalo, I pick something creative and fun to do that is way outside the box of wedding photography. In the past I have worked with jewelry design and photographing some of the unique abandoned locations in Buffalo. This year I’m diving back into film and pursuing landscape photography. In February, I will be hopping on a plane with 6 other photographers from the US, Canada, and Europe to adventure in Iceland. Several of the photographers will be photographing with large format film. I am excited to combine several of my favorite passions (travel, photography, film) and can’t wait to see how a different experience will help me tell a story with a different perspective next wedding season.

Well I am really nervous/excited/inspired to be working on a project that will hopefully take place next fall. As a member of the Seneca tribe here in Western New York I am putting a photo shoot together that is going to blend my tribal traditions and my wedding photography business together. I have countless emails, project proposals, and idea boards to put together and hoping to work with local artists in the community to showcase culture and arts.

By far the most rewarding part of my job is the ability to work with couples who have a story to tell. I’m heavily relationship based with my clients, meaning I want to get to know them. See real personality and sincere elements of what makes their relationship uniue. I have been welcomed into their homes, cooked for, had great conversation, gifted tokens of appreciation and none of that would be possible without a real connection with another human being. Something that deserves to be sought out and cultivated!

Having worked in dentistry and oral surgery for 14 years, I have learned the necessity of genuine support. Couples come to us with a vision. I love the challenge of finding ways to encourage, uplift, and (on occasion) execute an experience they want to provide for their friends and family in telling their story. Trust is the greatest investment they give to us as wedding photographers.

Lydia Maybee

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